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    1st Annual Coquina Beach Freeride.

    The first annual Coquina Beach Freeride experienced a successful kick off.

    While some of the Prorider Crew were enjoying the unpredictable weather at the Hydro-Turf ProWatercross Tour, the rest of us attended the first annual Coquina Beach Freeride in Bradenton FL.  The turnout was great with approx. 40-50 skis showing up to support the gathering including Nick Foederer the promoter of the Daytona Freeride.

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    An array of skis graced the golden beaches including some old X2s, blasters and various stand ups.  It could not have been a better weekend to hold the event the weather was great and the waters blue and the beaches golden.

    “I am thrilled with the turn out” stated Cody “We had a great time and managed to raise $600 for Angels for Lila Ruiz.  Lila’s parents do a lot in the community.” Said Cody Taylor, Freeride organizer.

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    Lila Ruiz is a little girl who suffers from megacystis microcolon intestinal hypoperistalsis syndrome, a rare condition that affects 15 – 25 people in the country. Her condition affects her internal organs causing many trips to the hospital for care and high medical costs.

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    Many industry leaders sent goodies such as Blowsion, RIVA Racing, and Westside Powersports for the freeride fund raising raffle.

    It was a good weekend with a lot of food, friends and fun to go around as well as some good works.  Thank you Cody for a good time and we look forward to the 2nd annual Freeride!





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