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    2014 Blowsion Surf Slam Sunday Finals Update

    2014 Blowsion Surf Slam Finals Update!

    By: Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine

    Photos: Vanessa Bunting

    Day 3 of the 2014 Blowsion Surf Slam was one for the record books. With cooperative, semi-misty and sunny skies, and decent surf, the conditions were a bit more ideal for the top free ride pros to battle their way through the tournament ladder. Every heat was ruthlessly matched with each opposing rider having just as much of a shot at a win than the other. The day unfolded with action that will be remembered for years.

    Motos 3 and 4 were held to conclude the free ride motosurf competitions. Jeff Troegner, Mark G0mez and Pete Zernick were all in top contention for the Pro Motosurf win. Troegner, adorned in a hot pink race bib looked good in moto 3 and led the first half of the 4th moto but was passed by Gomez on his Rickter Edge free ride hull. Gomez was able to stay in front for the win, handing him the overall win in the Pro Motosurf race competition.

    In Pro Freeride, there were battles of epic proportions. Riders like  Zack Bright and Randy Lawlor, Jake Bright and Brodie Copp, and Mark Gomez and Jake Montandon were paired together. With every rider going huge, it was hard to tell who would advance. The judges, who consisted of free ride veterans like Mike Serlin, Jerry Jones, and Carl Gramburg certainly had their work cut out for them. At the end of the day, the final two heats to determine the final contestants for first and second came down to Gil Beurnier versus Brandon Lawlor, and Zack Bright versus Abraham Hochstrasser. The crowd lined the beach to get a waterfront view of the action as each pair of riders threw down as if their lives depended on it. With a shallow and small surf break coming in, there was no room for error. Brandon Lawlor would advance from his heat to meet Zack Bright in the final for a 10 minute routine. The two free ride pros and upcoming legends squared off head to head, busting some of the biggest airs and surf rides of the weekend. At the end of the day, San Carlos, California’s Brandon Lawlor would take the win and the Pro Freeride title for the 2014 Blowsion Surf Slam followed by Zack Bright and Abraham Hochstrasser. To top off his already good run, Brandown Lawlor also won the $500 K&S Big Air Showdown check presented by Hydro-Turf.

    In Amateur Freeride, Trevor Allred narrowly edged out Danielle Lawlor for third place. In the final, Italy’s Filippo Rossetti and Michael Ratti squared off for first and second. With unexpected flat surf conditions, both riders had to make due with, and scramble for, occasional sets for the required amount of aerial tricks and surf riding. Once the smoke cleared, Ratti would be the victor followed by Rossetti in second. Being his first ever official free ride competition Ratti explained, “This was one of the most humbling surf experiences I’ve ever had. These guys out here make it look way too easy. The conditions and style of riding are unlike anything I have experienced before and it was a very surreal learning experience. Everyone is so supportive of one another and we all had a great time.”

    Further, the Slam also served as the fourth and final round for the IFWA World Freeride Tour. There were several overall leader possibilities by points, but at the end of the weekend Australia’s Mick Anthony would take the championship, followed by Zack Bright in second and Mitch Young in third.

    Special thanks go out to Blowsion and everyone else for making the event possible. Everyone from the announcers, vendors, photographers, racers, and supporters have made the 2014 Blowsion Surf Slam in Pacific City, Oregon among the best events ever. Stay tuned for in depth coverage and photos of the 2014 Blowsion Surf Slam in the upcoming 2014 November/December issue of Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine!











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