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    2015 Impros Impellers Blythe Bound Smack Down 10, Gary Hart Memorial Ride Dates Announced

    The 2015 Impros Impellers​ Blythe Bound Smack Down 10, Gary Hart Memorial ride dates have been announced for the June 6th weekend at the Twin Palms Resort in Blythe, California. The history of the BBSD was started by David Stewart, owner of Impros Impellers, originally as a customer appreciation day that involves fun and festivities for riders of all skill levels.

    At the end of every ride, Stewart, friends and family assemble for an evening cookout where attendees receive gifts from sponsors of the ride. Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine has had the pleasure of covering the BBSD event over the past several years and looks forward to providing gift items and additional coverage. Past year sponsors include Solas Pumps and Impellers, Pacific Motorsports, Maxima Racing Oils, KMG Racing, Hot Products, Bullett Racing, Jettrim, DASA Racing and more.

    Impros stated, “The 10th Annual Impros BBSD has been nailed down for the June 6th weekend. This years event is being held in memory of our friend Gary Hart. Taken way too soon, Gary was a legend in the Jet Ski community and has always supported the BBSD and what it stands for. We’ll miss him this year, but let’s get together again out at the river, do what we love, and remember a great man!”

    Further details from Impros regarding the BBSD for event participants include the following, “1. This is not in any way, an organized event or sanctioned day. It is simply a “River Trip” for us, and we’re telling our friends. A way for everyone to meet new faces and say hello to our old friends too. PWC riding can be EXTREMELY dangerous! Some people, like us, even get hurt trying to burn meat on the BBQ. Impros, the contributing sponsors, Twin Palms Resort, or any of us for that matter are not responsible for your actions on the water, the beach or anywhere else at BBSD. We accept ZERO responsibility for injuries, death or too much fun resulting from riding on the river, drinking, or whatever you do to cut loose on your weekend. Ride at your own risk!

    2) Impros does not put out buoys and are not responsible for any that coincidently show up in the water. In the past, there have always been a few riders that bring some, but it’s at their own free will, and if you choose to ride around them, it’s at your own risk. It’s the Colorado River, and you’re free to do what you want (for the most part anyway), and we hope that you have a great, safe time, but act responsibly. Nevertheless, it’s our advice that you should bring and wear a helmet if you choose to ride on anyone’s course.

    3) We have also spoken with the owner of the resort, and he is excited to have us back. All he asks is that everyone entering his property check in at the office/general store and get either a day-use parking or camping permit.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    The Impros Crew

    When: June 6th 2015
    Where: Twin Palms Resort, Blythe, CA
    Twin Palms Resort: (760) 922-2929

    For directions, camping rates, and even a few pictures, visit http://www.twinpalms-resort.com/
    If you’re planning on camping, you can call Twin Palms Resort to reserve your site. When you call, make sure to mention that you’re calling for the Impros BBSD weekend.”

    For more information on Impros Impellers and event details, visit Impros on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ImprosImpellers?fref=ts


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