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    2015 Jettribe, Gary Hart Memorial, Best of the West Race Series Rounds 1 & 2

    Lake Havasu City, AZ was the backdrop for rounds 1 & 2  of the Jettribe Best of the West series and what a weekend it was!  Windsor Beach proved to be a great spot for racing along with a boat show, car show and a chili cook off all in the same location. This drew a very large crowd of people, some of whom were watching jetski racing for the very first time. 

    Photos & Story By: Jettribe Media

    The Jettribe team riders dominated as a whole this weekend.  Brock Austin, Jeremy Schandelmeyer, Renee Hill, Tyler Hill, Anne Sims, Charles Sims, Charles Anderson, Stian Schjetlein, Guy Vinatieri, Chris Hagest, Brent Disney, Kyle Disney, Reese Maricich, and freestyle rider Vac Zacek aka “Iceman” were all in attendance for the first 2 rounds.  Everyone of these riders competed with all they had.  The Jettribe team took many podium spots.  Huge congratulations to all of them!

    Huge thank you to Jeremy Schandelmeyer and Ashley Sponaugle for flying out to drive the Jettribe trailer and work the booth.  And thank you to Bill Miracle,  Brock Austin and his family and friends for assisting in the booth set-up and tear down.  Could not have done this event without you guys!

    Thank you to Ross Wallach of RPM Racing and his team for putting on another awesome event.   We can’t wait to see all of you at rounds 3 & 4 in Parker, AZ May 29th – 31st at the Blue Water Casino!

    For race results please go to www.rpmracingent.com

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