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    2015 Luxury watercraft from SeaDoo BRP


    Valcourt, Quebec, Sept. 12, 2014 – Luxury watercraft and Sea-Doo are synonymous as BRP developed the GTX series to be the best of the best in grand touring style and comfort. The Sea-Doo GTX models provide unparalleled comfort with advanced technology resulting in the most full-featured luxury touring models in the watercraft industry.
    The Sea-Doo Luxury series continues to impress and exude high-standard individuality. The modern flowing facet design and updated color scheme coupled with industry leading innovative technology and exclusive features continue to raise the standard around the globe. These opulent touring watercraft comfortably cruise any water conditions and are especially forgiving in rough conditions.

    In 2015 BRP continues to satisfy the need for elite levels of comfort and elegance and both of the Sea-Doo GTX Limited models grace touring waters in Anthracite Grey & Manta Green accents. This dramatic color scheme is distinctive of the GTX Limited models and elegantly a Sea-Doo. The cool color combinations of the GTX Limited watercraft models provide a distinctive tone with aspects and details of luxury prominent.
    Constantly innovating, BRP Sea-Doo is also introducing a new Radio Frequency (RF) key that makes for a faster engine start and maintains security with our exclusive Digitally Encoded Security System (RF D.E.S.S. key). The new key fits securely onto the housing and ensures quick connectivity and engine start up.
    All Sea-Doo GTX models include the world’s only on-water braking system, Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR), as well as Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC), delivering greater riding comfort, convenience and control than any other watercraft on the market for touring enthusiasts. The GTX segment includes the exclusive S3 hull (Stepped, Stable, Strong) that provides better wave penetration for a more stable ride. The GTX segment also offers Sea-Doo exclusive suspension options for maximum comfort.

    • GTX 155 / GTX S 155
    • GTX Limited 215
    • GTX Limited iS 260

    2015 SEA-DOO GTX 155 / GTX S 155
    The 2015 Sea-Doo GTX 155 model is the most affordable way to get started in the luxury segment with great style, features and price. The GTX 155 watercraft is ideal for riders who crave luxury but are also mindful of great fuel economy and overall affordability. This non-supercharged model features a Rotax engine and includes iBR, iTC with ECO mode, Cruise control / Slow mode, fuel consumption display, VTS, plush customer touring seat, hinged seat, tilt steering with a digital infocenter, fold-down reboarding step, large glove box and a watertight removable storage bin. The 2015 Sea-Doo GTX is available in Alloy Orange.
    Customers looking for ultimate comfort at an entry-level price in the luxury category can choose the GTX S 155 model that includes BRP’s exclusive rider suspension system. The manually adjustable suspension system of the GTX S 155 pads the entire rider environment (seat, footwells, and handlebars as well as glove box and front storage) from water chop with 5.5 inches (13.75 cm) of travel tuned for optimal comfort to ensure the smoothest ride possible in a variety of conditions, riding alone or with passengers.

    2015 SEA-DOO GTX LIMITED 215
    The GTX Limited 215 watercraft is the most powerful, non-suspended Sea-Doo model in the luxury segment. This premium watercraft is ideal for riders who crave luxury and are seeking a watercraft that is a step up from competitive luxury models in comfort, features and performance. The GTX Limited 215 model features the same equipment as the GTX 155 model and adds the Limited package includes: depth finder, Speed Ties, high-performance VTS, watercraft cover, removable dry storage bag, safety kit and glove box organizer. It is available in stylish Anthracite Grey with Manta Green accents.

    2015 SEA-DOO GTX LIMITED iS 260
    Selective watercraft buyers who have the highest expectations in terms of luxury, power, comfort and convenience will enjoy the fully loaded Sea-Doo GTX Limited iS 260 watercraft. This model sets the luxury performance benchmark; it’s simply the best of the best. The GTX Limited iS 260 model offers the same equipment as the GTX Limited 215 watercraft and more and is available in premium Anthracite Grey with Manta Green accents. It is the only watercraft with Intelligent Suspension (iS); this exclusive feature is part of the Sea-Doo iControl system for the smoothest ride possible in choppy conditions thanks to the auto calibrating, full rider suspension. The ultra plush Sea-Doo iS system absorbs 6” (15 cm) of the harsh chop turning long touring ventures into more enjoyable experiences with less rider fatigue and greater overall riding comfort and is only available on the

    2015 Sea-Doo GTX Limited iS 260.
    The GTX Limited iS 260 model is the ultimate in touring comfort, power and convenience on the water. The Limited package includes such premium accessories as; Speed Ties, glove box organizer, watercraft cover, high-performance VTS, removable dry bag, safety kit, and additional gauge functions including depth finder. Powered by its Rotax supercharged High Output engine, the Sea-Doo GTX Limited iS 260 offers premium performance and an array of luxury features to make this watercraft the most fully equipped watercraft in the industry.

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