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    5 Minutes with the lovely Anya Colley!

    Anyone who has been around PWC racing for a while will know this young lass from Nottingham, England.  We have watched her grow up from a little girl into a lovely young lady who is currently teaching the guys a thing or two in the AquaX USA race series.  PR wanted to take some of her time and find out what she is up to these days.

    Images by Janelle Meeds and RonnyMac

    PR: You are an accomplished racer in both stand up and runabouts,How long have you been racing PWC? anya (2)
    AC: I’ve been racing PWC’s for 10 years now. 8 years on stand ups & this is my 2nd year on a runabout.

    PR:  Why #52?
    AC: (Laughs) The number is a difficult question. It had no specific meaning to me, I just remember being asked to choose a race number for the season & 52 came into my mind. Once I’d chose the number I never wanted to let it go

    PR: If you had to choose one which would it be, race stand up or runabout?
    AC: I love racing stand ups but now I really enjoy racing the runabout in the more endurance type races as it’s something new and challenging for me. I’m not saying racing my stand up isn’t a challenge as it certainly is but the endurance runabout is something different, I have had to change the way I ride a jet ski, my fitness raceme, the food I eat & as I don’t have a runabout to train on I have compromised and taken on a completely new sport to me… motocross, which challenges my brain more than ever as I’m learning from the scratch but it requires such a similar style that it makes my runabout riding so much better I now can’t stop riding my bike.

    PR: What is the craziest thing that has happened while out on any of the tours?
    AC: I remember one time at a race in Moscow, Russia we all had to take the underground & on the journey we lost young racer Quentin Bosch (98) who was about 12 at the time. He got on the train and none of the other group did! We had no idea where he was heading, no phones and no one spoke Russian. The group made a quick decision some to catch the next train, some to stay put incase he came back. He got off at the next station luckily so the group was able to find him and then we all re united but it was quite crazy at the time but we still laugh about it today!

    PR: We heard that your racing experience does not stop at PWC, what else do you race?MAC_9303-2
    AC: I’ve never been allowed on any kind of motorbike before I purchased my own motocross bike in 2012. I’ve only been riding one for a few winters now and my friends have chucked me in the deep end a couple of time entering me into endurance races I didn’t even know I could make it round, but loved it and learnt a lot from competing in them. So I wouldn’t say I race motocross bikes as these were just for fun really but if I can improve my skill on my bike I will certainly consider enter some races in the future.MAC_7835

    PR: What is next for you in the race world, what are your plans for the future?
    AC: And is there anything you would like to add? I don’t have a plan for the future! I absolutely love racing, it’s my passion. I have been extremely lucky being given the opportunity to firstly ride the AquaX UK boat in 2013 and currently the awesome boat of Eric Francis, without this support I would never have experienced the wonderful world of the off shore endurance AquaX. Unfortunately I don’t own a runabout ski so my future plans aren’t clear cut! I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunities above. I just love being apart of this big family so much & hope I can continue to be apart of it.

    PR:  Is there any thing you would like to add?
    AC: Yes, I would like to send a big thank you to Eric Francis,  Rip N Roll,  Quakysense,  DuckSmart,  Hydro Turf,  219 Design,  Owkay Clothing,  Pic-A-Square sponsors, and all my Friends, Family & supporters.

    Anya is currently in 3rd overall in the AquaX USA series.  We all at PR wish her the best of luck for the rest of the series!

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