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    Behind The Numbers

    Here is a cool piece we did in the May June issue of 2013. We had Racers give us the reason or story behind the race number they use. We got some interesting, enlightening, and a few funny reasons behind the numbers.

    Got a good story behind your race number? Send it in to Pro Rider for the next “Behind The Numbers”.



    Dustin Farthing #116

    “It’s my son Devens birthday 11-6”







    Chris MacClugage #30

    “My wedding anniversary. I also used it, because Rachel used it and turned 30 At that time.”







    James Bushell #158

    “My number was given to me in europe and I
    have not changed it”







    Rob Flores #88

    “I’m and old cunt and that is the year I started racing.”







    Kevin Reiterer #90

    “My father had 8 so I wanted to be 9 at the beginning. At the first European round they told me 9 was already taken. I choose 90 instead. Ever since, I have always had 90. I will never change it. The number defines me with all the memories that came with it throughout my career. That’s why no matter how good I will be, I will never change my number to 1, for example.”




    Craig Warner #7

    “Because #7 is unlucky and I wanted to change it to a lucky number. Trying to beat the superstition that runs in my blood I guess!!”




    David Cabrera #51

    “I work at a TV Station, Telemundo Ch 51”





    BTN-snyderTroy Snyder #110

    “I think I’m number one. And each number one represents a championship I’ve won. So when I win a championship all I have to do is peel two numbers off and the one is there. I would never run a #2 saying I’m happy with runner up.”





    Brunna Luz #3

    “my grandfather lucky # was 9, and my dads lucky # and race # was 9 too, so we like multiple of 3. Thats why I race with the #3.”



    BTN-sherkerRick Sherker #912

    “Plain and simple… it’s what was on my IJSBA card when I signed up in 1995 as a beginner. Also my birthday, September 12, so it has stuck!!”





    BTN-snorrisSean Morris #82

    “The year I  was born”






    BTN-bradBrad Clark #245

    “I came up with an idea that using police code was a fun way to come up with a number. 245 is assault with a deadly weapon.”





    BTN-brentBrent Venderley #404

    “I picked 404 because it is police code for a riot… and I’ve been an instigator for as long as I can remember.”





    BTN-ericFEric Francis #911

    “I choose 911 before the 9-11 thing happened because I always thought of myself as trouble or an emergency lol and after 9-11 i just carried the number forever.”





    BTN-mvMaelle Vilon #373

    “I chose 373 because 3 and 7 are my favorite numbers and I just thought I’d add a 3 to it to make it look cool.”





    BTN-afAbdullah Al-Fadhel #30

    “The # 30 is the number I started racing in 2007. I wasnt winning with it, but I stuck to it and it became my lucky number in 2011 when I won the world finals.”




    BTN-ovOceane Vilon #41

    “My number used to be my barrel racing number, back When I used to compete When I was in France.”





    BTN-boltonAshley and Pat Bolton # 68 & 69

    “When I registered in person for my 1st race in Myrtle Beach a few years back. I was asked what my boat number was.. I haven’t even once thought about it before, and just blurted out the number 68… ( the middle 2 digits of my SS number) lol So when my wife Ashley started racing, she naturally picked the next number..69… You don’t think she would’ve picked 67 do ya?”


    BTN-aaAnthony Antees #33

    “My very first race number 17yrs ago was #163, I ran it for about 2yrs and didn’t have much luck winning. Not sure if it was the Kawasaki Zxi I raced or the #. I  got a new boat, Sea-Doo SPX and wanted a good looking number. so I wrote the numbers out and chose #33. Once I switched the tables turned. Winning a lot of races and a lot of good luck which is a big part of racing! Even after winning my first pro open runabout title I ran my #33 the following year again, then changed to number #1. Currently today I’m still racing with old faithful #33 and it is still working!”


    Kyle Araiza #107

    “Well my personal lucky number was always ten but when I was going to start racing IJSBA I had to have a 3 digit number obviously. So I looked at my dads old race numbers and our great friend Chuck Colyer “the Grandfather” of jet ski racing from way back in the day. And I just kind of put one of my dads numbers and Chuck’s number together and got 107.”



    Kristofer Ingram #5

    “Well the first 2 years I raced my race number was the anniversary of my girlfriend and I at the time, then when she kicked me to the curb, I started using my national /world rankings which was “10.” Then the last year I raced the national championships in Nashville TN, I was ranked 5th in the amateur ski open class so I have kept the  number “5” for the last four years.”


    BTN-kirkKirk Britto #75

    “I’m Running Wade Chapin’s retired Pro # 75 in respect for all he’s done for the sport! He is a true pioneer of Jetski Racing and got me into racing in 88’. He race a 440 since 86 and won a World Cup in Veteran’s in 88. I’m stoked to have #75 on my Sxr 1100’s!”



    BTN-sdSteven Dauliach #100

    “I used to have #1 when I was Pro Ski world champion. To me only the pro class IJSBA world champion racers deserve #1 on their boat the following year,no one else. That point of view would be clear for the fans and sponsors. I hate to have 3 or 4 riders with the #1 on the starting gate, the look sucks! So I decided to go back to 100 as this number was lucky to me. Kawasaki gave it to me in 2003 in Bercy and I got my first IJSBA world title at that time. Also the number was the favorite number of my best fried who passed away on 3/3/03,so it was special to me. After 2 years with number 1 on my ski, Dustin Motzuris won the world finals in 2005 so I decided to switch because I wasn’t the champ.
    So here is the story: As a French racer I have go through the French Federation. I asked them to book me for #3 the coming season but it was too early to book. I contacted them later and they told me it’s too late and #3 was already taken. I asked them to give him an other number because my sponsor/team made my equipment with that racing number. They told just because I am a world champion I cannot choose a number in priority! That’s the French way I guess, whatever. So I have to choose something between 1 to 99 so guess what I did. I’m a big fan of Victor Sheldon and everybody knew him with his 200, so I thought it was cool to have a race number with 3 numbers ending with double 0. By the way I kept it because all the fans know me with this now and I like it too!”


    BTN-ccClaude Clayton #114

    “Well, I grew up playing soccer, and we always picked our number at the beginning of the year. There were a few years in there that everybody wanted number 7. We all thought it was lucky. I wanted it too!! I knew that somebody would pick it before me, and so in an effort to be a step ahead, I figured I’d pick 14 because it was bound to be 2 times as lucky, since it was 2 times 7. I was always number 14 after that. Then, when I started racing, I wanted to follow the rule book and have a 3 digit number, so, I added a 1 and became 114. I’ve earned #1 plates and have always had the option of running a single digit number from rankings the year before, but I like the 114. Whenever I get that Pro Runabout #1, I’ll probably make an exception and represent that, until then, I’ll run the 114 with pride! It’s my brand..”


    BTN-chCody Hawkins #112

    “My first national number was 11 as that was how I finished up the 1998 national tour in Expert 785 SS. The following year I won the national championship in that class and the year after that I won the world championship in Expert 1200 SS all while running the number 11. I kind of viewed it as a lucky number, but also noticed too many people were taking advantage of running the number but not earning the number. Still back then you had to earn a single digit or two digit number. So I decided to ditch the two digits and head back to a three digit number. I looked at 111, but once again it seemed like everyone and their mother was running the number, so I bumped the last digit up one and have stuck with the 112. It has the 11 in it and has the one in the middle just in case I win another championship again I can instantly rip the one and two off. Always prepared! Every year I think about switching back to the 259 since I could care less now if anyone thinks I copied Stewart.”


    BTN-mjMateo Juarez #89

    “The main reason I chose my number was when I first started racing and being around local racers in Las Vegas they had a sort of team that called themselves the crazy 88’s and so everyone had a number with the 80’s.  I came in at the tail end and was lucky enough to secure the last of the 80’s with 89.  Also, I am a huge fan of local pro Rob Flores and wanted to show that with having a close number to his.”



    BTN-dcDustin Charrier #40

    “The real reason I have 40 is that #4 was my dad’s race number back from when he used to race MX and quads, so I’ve been rocking the #4 since my elementary b-ball days. I made it “40” a few years ago once I started racing in pro classes because of number plate issues and what not. I liked how it sounded so i just stuck with it..”



    BTN-jjJordan Jj McLean #45

    “I chose my race number because that was the age of my father when I started racing in 2003.”





    BTN-fuocoDerek Fuoco #99

    “I have been rocking the nine-nine since peewee football days and haven’t stopped yet. Not sure why I actually chose it.”




    BTN-eiErminio Iantosca #4

    “I choose 4 because it has always been pretty lucky for me! I have won many titles with 4 so if I don’t run 1 then 4 is my go to!”





    BTN-codyCody McCallum #2

    “It’s just my lucky number. I’ve always had it from racing dirt bikes all the way to sports in high school. Just feel like it fits me and people know me by that number.”





    BTN-kmKennie McKenzie #77

    “77 is the year that I was born and also the year American Eagle was founded.  At the time (2004) I had some of their gear with the number on it.  Back in 2004 when I was on the starting gat at Nationals, my holder (Harrison aka Big Kahuna) looked down at my tiny tach and noticed that I had exactly 77 hours shown (the cheap tiny tachs only read in 1 hour increments).  He said it was good luck and I was going to win.  I pulled the hole shot and went on to a 1st place overall for the title.  That was one of my best years racing and it is a highlight that I will never forget!”


    BTN-rwRusty Wilson #111

    “My story is pretty simple really. I only race to win. I think if I do all the work and preparation needed to win then it will happen. When I win I see it as a plan that worked well. If I lose I’m just about as frustrated as a person could be and confused why the plan failed. I guess you could say the intensity of losing is twice fold that of winning. Losing pisses me off! So therefore I felt the number 111 was appropriate because first place was the only thing that would satisfy me. I was damn sure going to get somewhere on the podium which the 111 also represents as each 1 being a possible place in the first three finishing spots.
    The most honorable part of running the 111 for me is that it is also the number that Ken Reeves ran. In my opinion, he was the greatest racer that ever was and I mean that with all due respect. He was the poster child for Privateer Racer that we all wanted to be. With his gold van and his gold square nose skis, Ken had the fasted corner speed and endurance I’ve ever seen. First year I saw him I watched him at Body Beach ride his skis till they came apart basically. Next day he was back and riding faster and longer than anyone. I nicknamed him “The Animal” before I even met him. He also invented the one tank moto for training and he mentored some great riders. He produced World Champions and he did it because he loved the sport.”


    BTN-rayRay Quintana #69

    “Actually it’s not really for the reason everybody thinks! I choose it cause of Moto Gp Racer Nicky Hayden. I just really like his balls to the wall attitude and his relentless will to win.”





    BTN-olgaOlga Janssen #C5

    “That was actually Mikes boat number back from the National Tour in the early 2000’s… We shared that boat when I first started racing.. Then people started recognizing me as ‘the chick on the C5’ so I grandfathered the number when I got my own boat.”








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