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    Breaking News from “The Fish” camp!!

    Chris Fischetti has just concluded the first AquaMoto event and already has gained some traction with his event. The event went hand in hand with the Lucas Oil Drag Boat races that were held in Lake Havasu AZ just recently.

    aqauamotorel2The vintage race brought out the likes of Victor Sheldon and Tommy Bonnaci who participated.  Lucas Drag Boat Race director, Ken Dollar, has given Chris Fischetti the green light on having AquaMoto races at all of the Lucas Oil Dragboat races in the near future.

    This partnership could mean additional growth for Jet Ski racing as the Lucas Oil platform will help expose the sport to a new crowd.  Lucas Oil Drag Racing obviously benefits by offering additional entertainment for their spectators especially if the Drag Boat racing is halted for rough waters.

    Chris Fischetti has a lot of planning ahead in order to capitalize on this opportunity.  Actual plans have yet to be unveiled but speculation is that his first AQUAMOTO event will be the foundation of his future event.  The first AquaMoto included Vintage Races and the new “RAIL-2-RAIL” sudden death two man / two lap race.  Possible addition to his program would be a freestyle exhibition.

    “I have new racing and freestyle formats and ideas that will propel the sport back to the main stage of action sports” Chris explained, “I want to work with riders and promoters to build on this momentum and rebrand our cool sport. I have raced a few races and think I can use some of my 25 YRS of experience to make some rad track designs and a new platform for freestyle for a man against man that will be exciting for TV.”


    “Our sport needs TV to get outside sponsors.” Chris went on to say, “This isn’t Rocket science to rebuild our sport’s credibility. Our sport has a lifestyle that sponsors want, and I know how to promote the action, style and racing of our killer sport.  Winning takes a plan, and it also takes a team of people that want to win!  I have a winning plan, check my winning record, I wouldn’t bet against it!”


    Chris is definitely jumping on this opportunity from Lucas Oil and we will all watch to see what he will do now that he has the ball.  Watch this space as we go along with Chris for the ride!



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