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    BRP To Sponsor P1 AquaX USA Series

    P1 AquaX USA has announced that BRP, the manufacturer of Sea-Doo watercraft, is to sponsor and support the inaugural US series this year, which starts at Daytona Beach on 15th June. BRP has embraced the vision of AquaX and is keen to help take the event to the next level.

    BRP is known to offer support to professional racers within the PWC race industry by offering comprehensive sponsorship packages and also promoting the Sea-Doo Bounty X-team contingency, a program offered to all racers in any USA championship riding a Sea-Doo. With AquaX being promoted more to the amateur racer and recreational riders, by including Aquax within the Sea-Doo Bounty X-team contingency program BRP have recognized the value of this concept.

    When asked about their involvement with the series, BRP representative Tim McKercher replied, “BRP is excited to see AquaX racing come to the USA. The concept of racing with completely off-the-showroom-floor watercraft makes getting involved with this sport so easy, relatively inexpensive, and in a non-intimidating manner. Anyone who has ever wondered what it is like to compete on a buoy course can now try it without having to do anything other than find a helmet, goggles and racing numbers.

    BRP is in full support of this series, providing financial support to cover production expenses and extending the Sea-Doo X-Team Bounty racer contingency program to competitors taking part in these events. The Sea-Doo RXP-X 260 and RXT-X 260 will dominate the higher horsepower class, while the Sea-Doo GTR 215 will do well in the 200HP+ class. We are really looking forward to seeing this type of watercraft racing take off in the USA as it has done in the UK”.

    With the comprehensive price purse that is already being offered by the promoters of P1 AquaX, the added potential contingency from Sea-Doo Bounty only serves to sweeten the pot.

    There are rules and regulations in order to qualify for the SeaDoo X-Team Bounty and for full rules regarding this contingency, please visitĀ www.sea-doo.com/onboard

    With the emphasis on fun, safety and healthy competition the P1 AquaX USA series along with BRP Sea-Doo is a win for all involved! The championship is set to kick off on 15th June at Daytona Beach.

    AquaX is designed to provide an accessible and affordable platform for motorsport enthusiasts and to help develop the sport of watercraft racing from the ground up. Full details of the opening event can be found at the new AquaX website: www.p1aquax.comĀ .

    The 2013 AquaX Championship Classes are as follows:

    . AquaX 200 – modified 2-stroke and stock naturally aspirated 4-stroke 160bhp and below.

    . AquaX 250 – stock 4-stroke including turbo/supercharged 250bhp and below.

    . AquaX 300 – stock 4-stroke including turbo/supercharged 300bhp and below.

    . AquaX Cup – Open.

    P1 AquaX USA Race Schedule 2013

    15th – 16th June – Daytona Beach. FL.

    20th – 21st July – Pahookee. FL.

    17th – 18th August – Cocoa Beach. FL.

    14th – 15th Sept – Marathon. FL.


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