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    Bushell DQ Hot Topic on Liquid Speed Tonight

    The recent upset at the first round of the HydroTurf National Tour regarding Bushell’s DQ has set off the PWC chatter on fire. Tonight after a no show of Bushell on the Liquid Speed Radio show Brian managed to get National Tour Promoter AJ handler on the show to clear up some rumors. AJ explained that they followed the rule book with their Bushell DQ decision based on the new ruling.

    By Michelle Petro
    AJ went on to say that he has a good team in place and his staff had done their job.
    It is thought that Bushell went off the rule specific to weight as a proposed ruling compared to it being passed. Where the discrepancy comes into play is when the rule was to go into effect.
    IMG_7897AJ stated that in his true opinion, he was glad that he has an official tech in place and the IJSBA board has made a good decision by placing an official tech on the tour.

    The DQ was based on Bushells boat being under weight and no other reason. AJ also stated that the IJSBA will make the correct decision and the outcome will mean a clearer definition of the rule.

    When asked his thoughts of Bushell not racing the rest of the tour AJ replied that the tour will feel his loss if he decides not to race.

    AJ stated that James will make the correct decision but he is a great athlete and he wants to win. Even though he may not be awarded points from round 1 he could still win the tour. West Virginia being double points he could make it up.

    Bushell is definitely not out of the running. Anything can happen on the tour from one stop to another.
    A final decision on the Bushell DQ should be released by the IJSBA Wednesday morning May 15th.


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