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    CWA Junior Race Clinic with Josh Block!

    Amy Green and the CWA Tour once again show their commitment and focus on the future of our sport… The Jr class riders. 

    image022No one puts more time and effort to helping the kids than The multi world champion Any Green. I see it at every CWA event, Amy going above and beyond the call of duty for the youngsters. She is constantly talking to the kids and their parents to make sure every JR has the best experience possible, and the safest as well. Amy calls for every JR to wear more safety gear that is required for racers in 3013. Even wetsuits are a must.

    “The number of juniors on the CWA Tour is really growing, and we are committed to grooming safe, responsible racers who not only race the track with speed and skill, but also exhibit good sportsmanship. There’s a lot more to racing than just pulling the throttle! Luckily, we have a handful of seasoned experts and pros stepping up to help us mentor the juniors, including Josh Block who will be hosting a Junior Race Clinic at the next CWA Tour stop in Belle River.” Amy states.

    IMG_2437The Friday before rounds 3&4 in Bell River, the JR’s will get to hear tips and learn from Pro Ski racer Josh Block. Josh will show the kids how to get great starts, choose racing lines, how to get sponsors and the mental game of racing.

    All Jr racers 10-15 are welcome.
    For questions or to register, email amyg11@aol.com

    Pro Rider salutes Amy, the CWA and Josh Block for their dedication to the future Pro Riders.



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