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    Daytona Freeride 2014 By Seth Zaluski

    With little sleep and lots of raised eyebrows from the girl, the Daytona Freeride 2014 edit is complete after only a short period. My Name Is Seth Zaluski and I’m a part time Videographer/surfRider, full time Helo driver from South Florida. I accepted the massive challenge of filming and riding in the 14’ Thrust Innovations Daytona Freeride not but 3 weeks prior to the event. Mark Gomez, Tanner Thomas, and many others have extended nothing shy of solid help to get this video underway. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot of work to film a video, but this 5 minute edit saturated over 45 hours of my time. I give all the credit in the world to full-time guys filming as a career, its back breaking. Thanks again for all the support from the industry and Florida Freeriders crew for polishing up my ski when I had my hands full. I’d love to see this industry grow and filming videos correlating it with motocross and a great time is part i’d gladly help with.

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