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    Daytona Surf & Style Event

    On Saturday at 12pm we will be doing the very first Daytona Surf & Style Event. This is a concept I came up w/ last year along w/ the help of many riders. It’s a competition based on surf riding and style. No flips, rolls or any “out the back” tricks allowed in this comp unless you land back in the wave.. It’s a surf only comp. where speed, style and fluidity are king. The idea is to hold speed into turns, execute re-entry type maneuvers landing in the wave or out front of the wave while keeping speed. Turns and re-entry’s will be judged on style and speed as well as creativity linking moves together seamlessly. Putting around looking for the perfect wave is not what this is about. My suggestion is to hit everything you can and as hard as you can the entire 5 min. As soon as you start looking for that perfect wave you lost 15-30 seconds and that could be the difference. I will have a small area partitioned off so riders know the boundaries.


    10 riders, solo runs, 2 alternates
    5min heats
    2 heats w/ a brief pause between heats
    4 judges


    First rider goes and gets 5 min to thrash it up and do as many turns and re-entry type moves as you can pull. When your time is up, you will be relieved by the next rider. As soon as you see the next rider heading out you will promptly return to the beach w/o getting in the way of the rider that is relieving you. If you obstruct them or do not promptly leave the water, you will be docked points. All riders will be standing on the beach w/ skis on carts ready to go. If you are not there or leave, you will lose your spot/turn and be DQ’ed. This event is meant to have continuous action, w/ no interruptions except a brief pause between heats. That’s why we need riders standing by through the entire comp.

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