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    FIRST LOOK! Sea-Doo Unveils The All New SPARK For 2014

    Pro Rider Magazine recently had the privilege of participating in the Sea Doo Ignition 2014 Press Introduction event in Orlando and WOW what an amazing energetic and sensory filled event and what an amazing new machine!

    Easy to own and easy to tow, the brand new 2014 Sea Doo Spark promises to be a huge hit in the PWC market and the “next big thing” in watersports oriented recreational products.

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    The light and playful yet technologically advanced Spark was introduced to select media personnel over a 3 day action packed period in various top secret Sea Doo World locations not far from the Hard Rock Hotel, our awesome base camp at the Universal Orlando Resort.


    DCIM100GOPROBy: Peter Ratti
    Sea Doo made sure we received rock star treatment from the moment we arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel and were greeted by the BRP Agents of Fun and welcomed by Yves Leduc, BRP Vice President and General Manager, North America division.

    We later had the pleasure of meeting and hearing from BRP President and CEO Jose Boisjoli along with members of the product and engineering teams who shared the impressive research and development that went into creating the new Spark, eight years in the making. In every aspect of its development, the team truly thought outside the box by questioning every traditional method currently used in the industry today.

    During the product development phase, the Sea Doo team strictly adhered to their original goal of “CAFE” the code name for the new model, which stands for clean, affordable, fun and easy to operate. In my opinion, they definitely achieved their goal.





    The new Spark with its cool design, and modular construction, maintains the trademark Sea Doo silhouette with a touch of futuristic stealth fighter look. Available in five cool colors, the finish is more durable therefore requiring less maintenance. One of the most fuel efficient PWCs on the market, the new Spark is affordable, not to be confused with cheap, as the hull is made of polytec, a rugged rigid lightweight fully recyclable material which should prove to be more durable than traditional fiberglass hulls at a fraction of the price.

    Coming in at under $5,000 for the base model, you could easily buy 2 Sparks for the price you normally would spend on one boat. The astounding part is the combined weight of 2 Sparks is comparable to the weight of 1 traditional boat making it a breeze to tow with a regular car. The Spark is light, fun, nimble in the water and remarkably stable.


    The Spark is powered by the highly reliable fuel injected Rotax 900 Ace engine, an engine originally developed for snowmobiles. Available in two power outputs, it provides more than enough punch to carry 2 adults and meet the needs for recreational pulling.

    I can testify to this as I personally wake skated behind the new Spark and it had no problem pulling this 185 lb 6 foot frame out of the water with ease. Then it was my turn at the controls and I must say I greatly enjoyed piloting the new Spark–it truly is fun to operate, is quiet and makes for a great time in the water!

    Another very cool aspect of the Spark is the 3 piece top deck architecture that enables you to gain complete access to the engine and pump by simply and quickly removing the fasteners. This type of access to internal components is every mechanics dream!

    spark06Let’s talk now about available options. One of the most fantastic options in my opinion is the IBR, Intelligent Brake and Reverse system which is easy to operate and enables the rider to have full control over the ski. The IBR is an excellent safety feature. The Spark is available in 2 up and 3 up rider configurations. Add on convenience packages are available that provide storage units and a back boarding step. The Spark can be easily personalized through one of the many available graphics packages.

    Sea Doo is “resparking” the dream of PWC ownership by providing the Spark — clean, affordable, fun, and easy to operate. At under $5,000, lightweight and easy to tow, and virtually maintenance free, it will appeal to a broad demographic and will attract many new riders and you don’t have to be an expert or have a personal mechanic to ride and enjoy the new Spark. It is a great addition to the Sea Doo line of personal watercraft products with a boat that fits anyone’s needs and lifestyle.

    Pro Rider sends a special thanks to Tim McKercher and Julie Arnold of Look Marketing and of course to our awesome hosts from Sea Doo for holding the event, sharing their exciting news and allowing Pro Rider to be among the first to experience the all new Spark!
    For more information, visit your local Sea Doo dealer or seadoo.com.
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