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    Flyboard World Cup 2013 Results & Photos

    Pro Rider Magazine was invited to cover the second Flyboard World Cup last week in Doha Qatar.
    SACS QATARIf you have been involved in PWC racing in the past 10-20 years you know the name Franky Zapata. Franky left his mark in the PWC world with multiple Titles and World championships worldwide. His invention The Flyboard is the hottest new sport on the water.

    If you attended the World Finals in Havasu in October you got to see Franky rip it up on the Flyboard several times throughout the week. Franky is by far the best rider in the world, but does not compete in the World Cup as Zapata Racing is the promoter of the event.

    FLYBOARD WORLD CUP #13-2To describe the event, the phrase “First Class” is the only word to do it justice. From the picturesque event site to the 5 star host hotel, the participants were treated like rock stars during their stay in the booming city of Doha.

    While I could go on and on about this event, I must save it for the legit in print magazine. For now check out the top 16 bracket results, rider list and a sample of photos. Be sure to get the Jan/Feb issue of Pro Rider for full coverage of the event. Special thanks to Franky Zapata for inviting Pro Rider to attend. Check out Zapata Racing for more info.




    Rider list:

    Argentina SCHIARITI
    Argentina SPINELLI Fernando
    Australia HENDRA Peter
    Australia JEFFERY Dale
    Australia EGAN Corey
    Canada WELLS Brody
    Canada BIGGAR Rodney
    Canada BOUCHER Adrian
    Canada ANDERSON Braden
    Columbia ALFONSO Geovanny
    Croatia PERKOV Josip
    Croatia KNEZ Rony
    Croatia ZURIC Josip
    Egypt ABDOU Wael
    Estonia KRUBERG Annes
    Finland SEPPANEN Erik
    France SELMI Ramzi
    France BAIKOGLU Alexis
    France CORBET Oceane
    France PRAYAS Stephane
    France JULIEN Jonathan
    France PORET Jeremy
    France CORRE Jimmy
    France CANDAVOINE Mathis
    France CALLIOT Laurent
    France ESNARD Patrick
    Italia NATALE Luigi
    Japan SUZUKI Motoaki
    Japan YOKOE Kansuke
    Japan OSADA Jun
    Malta DESIRA Simon
    Morocco VITTECOQ Pierre-Alexandre
    Norway JOHANSEN Carl Jacob
    Nederlands STOPPELS Arnoud
    Nederlands KROOK Bo
    Nederlands WEISTRA Remco

    Poland JASZCZOLD Robert
    Poland SIKORSKI Kajetan Jan
    Qatar AL KUWARI Saud Abrahim Giham
    Qatar AL KHOLAIFI Abdulla
    Qatar AL KUWARI Khalid
    Qatar AL KUWARI Rachid Abdullah
    Qatar HASSAN Mohammed
    Russia TOLKACHEV Matvey
    Russia KORNILOVICH Denis
    Saudi Arabia DAKHIL Ahmad
    Spain MC QUEEN Lindsay
    Spain MARTINEZ YAGÜE Antonio
    Sweden ALBINSSON John
    Sweden SCHÖNBERG Oscar
    Thailand SATAPORN Srirang
    Thailand SUKSAN Tongthai
    Thailand PICHAI Silaphat
    Thailand ANON Chomsen
    United Kingdom DEAR Mike
    USA GOULD Aaron
    USA WAYMENT Jordan
    USA FINNE Bryan
    USA FINLEY Jordan
    USA BULKA Paul
    USA RIGGS Cooper
    USA HICKEY Andrew
    USA GAVIC Caleb
    USA MARAVEGIAS Alexander
    USA FEISE Ronnie
    USA OREL Jake
    USA RIPPY Damone



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