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    Great Lakes Race Series 2013

    2013 racing season will bring a new event to the mid-west, Super Course. This challenging Off-Shore style of racing will open the doors to all the PWC enthusiasts who like wide open runs across water. All while taking on the waves and keeping to the course.
    These races will not only be against the clock, you will also have to manage to stay ahead of the many competitors through out the track.  Using a Lamans style start, the competitors will run from the shore to their watercraft held by the pit crews, start it and head in to the course. The events will be timed, so you will be required to do multiple laps around a set of buoys that make up the course.

    619_cf_bnmAs the winter rolls on more information will be released on the dates, times and rules. Most will be held on Sunday, starting with 10:00am check in, a riders meeting and then the 12:00 race. The time/length of the race will be about 1 hour, long enough to see if you and your watercraft will make it but not need to add fuel.
    Any questions e-mail – greatlakeswatercross@live.com.

    This is a tentative schedule, if you are interested in taking part in this type of competition please e-mail us.

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    August 10
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