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    Great piece on Mark Gomez on The Weather Channel?

    That’s right, the weather Channel website has a story on our favorite tortilla face Mark Gomez in their Weather Ventures section of the website. WTG Gomer!

    By: Derek Rich
    Professional jet skiing may have a long way to go before it reaches the level of exposure (and money) pro water-skiing has, but up-and-comer Mark Gomez is determined to make it in the sport he loves. Mark fell in love with the sport watching the movie “Jet Dreams,” and has been riding personal watercrafts since he was 7 years old.


    He started surf riding and learning from the local pro jet skiers in his area at 15. Jet Skiing is a pretty small community, but the benefit of this is how friendly and open personal watercraft enthusiasts are towards each other. The more experienced riders started teaching Mark how to set up and do tricks. “Jet Skiing really consumed me.” Mark said. His family was a big help to him getting his career started. His older brother, Phillip, runs his website and helps with promotion. “There are no real huge sponsors,” Mark told me, “so unless we promote ourselves, no one will really know about it.”
    Mark took his first World Class Race title in 2011, but still needs to supplement his income working at a Jet Ski shop. He also performs in a watercraft stunt show at Universal Studios, and has done stunt work for commercials and the DreamWorks movie “I am Number Four,” as well as recently wrapping up a Jet Ski pirate stunt show in Australia.

    Mark’s favorite part of Jet Skiing is the people he meets. He says “The sponsors, other competitors and fans are all great. No other motorsport has such a great bond and a helpful community.” He also loves the challenge, calling it “addictive.” According to Mark, while the theory is the same every time, the conditions are always changing, so every wave and every trick is a different experience.

    To see the blog piece for yourself and view more pics go to weather.com


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