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    Hydrocross Watercross Racing Tour Schedule Changes

    By Brent Venderlay
    Brad and I regret to tell everyone that the Pasco County, Hudson, Florida race is CANCELED!


    The Tavares, FL. Championship Race on September 13-14, 2014 is still DEFINITELY happening as planned, and will be DOUBLE points rounds! (Important! Hydrocross announcement and schedule change!!! Due to a scheduling conflict with the Surf Slam we will be rescheduling our rounds 5 & 6 to the following weekend September 13-14.

    Again, the date has changed from Sept. 6-7 to Sept. 13-14)

    I am working on something for later in the year that will more than make up for missing the Pasco rounds.

    Explanation for cancelation…

    When I started speaking with the Pasco County Commissioner and Visitors Bureau back in January they took me to the site were they wanted the race: it was at the former SunWest Mines and soon to be SunWest Park location. They went over all the plans, what they wanted and where everything would be set up.

    After months of work, proposals, presentations and planning we signed a contract with Pasco County, Florida in June. The very next day when I arrived on location I was informed that the owners were never made aware of ANY plans for ANY kind of race.

    Since then, communications between Pasco County and myself have been few and far between even after multiple attempts from me to remedy the situation. ALL alternative locations they have suggested are in salt water and would take more time to get permits than we had from the day the contract was signed.

    If anyone would like to let Pasco County know how much you were looking forward to coming to their city and racing in the new SunWest Park, please email rlloyd@pascocountyfl.net

    I apologize to all the racers for not being able to pull this one out once it was headed down the tubes. See everyone in Tavares and I want to thank everyone for their continued support.


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