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    IJSBA Releases Tentative Class List For 2013 Hot Products World Finals

    IJSBA is releasing the first notice of the tentative class list for the 2013 Hot Products World Finals. Below are the classes that should be expected for this year’s World Finals but this information is subject to change until released as final.

    Pro Ski
    Pro RunaboutIJSBA Pro Freestyle X
    GP Ski
    GP Runabout
    Pro Am Runabout Stock
    Pro Am Runabout 800 SS
    Pro Am Ski Stock
    Pro Am Women’s Ski Limited
    Pro Am Ski Lites
    Pro Am Runabout Limited
    Pro Am Ski Limited
    Pro Am Ski Stock
    Expert Ski Limited
    Expert Runabout Limited
    Expert Runabout Open
    Expert Veteran’s Runabout Open*
    Amateur Freestyle
    Amateur Ski Open
    Amateur Runabout Stock
    Amateur Ski Lites
    Amateur Veterans Ski Limited
    Amateur Veterans Ski Open
    Amateur Runabout 800 SS
    Amateur Runabout 800 Limited
    Novice Ski Stock
    Novice Ski Limited
    Novice Runabout Stock
    Novice Runabout Limited
    Novice Women’s Ski Limited
    Junior Ski 10-12 Stock
    Junior Ski 10-12 Lites
    Junior Ski 13-15 Stock
    Junior Ski 13-15 Lites
    Junior Ski 13-15 Limited
    Sport **
    Women’s Runabout Limited***
    Sport Spec
    Ski Slalom
    Runabout Open Slalom
    Ski Stock Junior 10-15 Slalom X
    Sport Spec Slalom
    Runabout Normally Aspirated
    Runabout Classic Stock
    Runabout Classic Limited
    Runabout Classic Open
    Classic Ski Two Stroke Limited
    Masters Ski Open
    Masters Ski Stock
    Yamaha Super Jet Challenge****
    Vintage X2

    X Major Announcement Coming As To Scheduling
    * See New 2013 Rules: Open rules for Two Stroke PWC, Limited rules for Four Stroke PWC.
    ** GP Class rules planned for overall with provisions for top three subclass scoring.
    *** See New 2013 Rules: Limited rules for Two Stroke PWC, Stock Class rules for Four Stroke PWC with added provision for aftermarket seats.
    **** Pending Approval. Special class for OEM Superjets. All OEM with exception for impellers.

    These classes are tentative as of the date of this posting. More details will be available shortly. Please visit www.ijsba.com frequently for the most up to date information on World Finals classes, scheduling, and other important updates. For questions regarding this year’s class list, please contact IJSBA by emailing info@ijsba.com.


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