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    Interview: Amy Green

    When did you start racing and what got you into the PWC scene?
    I started racing in 1997. I saw a flier for an upcoming motocross race that was having a jetski race the following day, so I decided to take my Sea-Doo XP out and try it. I was hooked after the first moto.

    Amy-07What is your biggest racing moment?
    I didn’t realize it at the time, but looking back I think earning three podium finishes, a win and two seconds, at the World Finals in 2005, was pretty cool.

    Who were your sponsors back in the day?
    Dan Schroepfer and the Polaris crew were very good to me getting started. Jimmy Pierce, Ross Jordan, and Mark Jordan are the reason I was able to take things to the next level. Bo Dupriest and Kenny Sims each built me a handful of world championship winning GPR’s. Skat-Trak hooked me up many times with great stuff. Hydro-Turf and FLY Racing have been really great sponsors to me, now also supporting my junior effort. And, the guys at Yamaha are awesome, of course!

    Amy-Novposter1-2smallIn what countries have you raced and which one(s) are your favorite and why?
    I’ve raced in the U.S., Canada, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, France, Russia, and Monaco. It’s hard to choose a favorite. I’d have to say overall it would be Thailand because the Thai’s love the sport and are very hospitable to international riders, it’s beautiful, the logistics are not difficult to manage, and the competition is very good.

    You have worked a lot with the young racers. Can you tell us about your youth program?
    We started because we had some kids that wanted to race, a few of which had never even been on a watercraft before, and certainly didn’t want to just throw them on a race track. So, Ray (Proulx) and I decided to purchase a few extra skis and hold practices to help juniors and beginners get started and learn the basics of riding and racing. We focus on safety, sportsmanship, handling skills, race procedures, how to take care of their skis, etc. On any given practice day now, we have quite a mix of people of all ages/skill levels that we offer various levels of support based on what they want or need. There is no cost and anyone is welcome.

    If you had to choose one which would it be, racer or promoter?
    I much prefer to race! No question. Putting on races is an unbelievable amount of work and there is no shortage of challenges. Not only do Ray and I hold the races, we are the largest sponsors. We have spent over $60,000 and countless hours on the CWA Tour the last few years. We do it because we appreciate the opportunities we’ve had racing, and want to see it continue so others can enjoy it, too. We couldn’t do it without the support of our families, friends, sponsors and other die-hard racers like us.

    Amy-2011-1Cali or Canada? What is your official address!?
    I live in California, but you never know where I might be on any given weekend. I am not afraid of red-eye flights or doing what it takes to fit it all in. In any month that starts with a J, I like to be at our place in Canada as much as possible.

    You just completed the Hot Products Mark Hahn memorial 300 race how was it?
    I had a great time thanks to Eric Burton, who asked me to partner with him in honor of Myles Andreasen.

    Are you going to race anymore this season?
    What are your plans for this year? Yes, I’ll be racing this year, probably both ski and runabout. I’ll do the CWA events, of course. We’ll also check out AquaX later this summer in addition to a couple of international races and Havasu later this year.



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