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    IPD Racing Advertising Partnership with ProRider Magazine

    IPD Racing is proud to announce that as of the March/April issue, we will be gracing the pages of Pro Rider Magazine.

    IPD Graphics
    We have been keeping a close watch on Pro Rider since it was first born, and we have been extremely impressed with the amount of traction that this young publication has gained in the small time that it has been in circulation. The vision that Michael Ratti has is right on point for what the racing community needs in a publication, and Ronny McHenry’s eye for capturing the coolness of this great industry is icing on the fiscal cake for this budding young magazine.

    Pro Rider Magazine
    We look forward to the possibilities that the future holds for Pro Rider Magazine, and we are excited to now be apart of this growing pub. Look for IPD Racing to fully utilize this tool with large ads and frequent press releases for the products that we are continualy adding to our product lineup, and we are even talking to Pro Rider about featuring one of our IPD1100 skis in the magazine soon.

    Keep an eye out for IPD Racing in Pro Rider and if you haven’t yet subscribed, please show your support by doing so right away:
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