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    Jet Ski Champ at Home with the Crocs

    V8 Ute drivers and former Australian Jet Ski Champion Matt Nolan and Nathan Pretty faced off with the native Northern Territory Crocs today (13th June) at Crocosuarus Cove for a warm up to Round 3 of the Auto One V8 Ute Racing Series – protected by Armor All at Hidden Valley Raceway.

    Pretty and Nolan getting up close and personal with Denzel.

    The two are right at home in the water, Pretty a World Jet boat Champion , was leading  the V8 Ute Series but engine issues in Qualifying during the  Perth round hindered his weekend. He now sits in 5th – but enjoyed his time with the croc’s more than  sharing track time with some of the drivers.

    “I was less scared with the crocs then I am racing against Ryal (Harris) and Jesus (Andrew Fisher),” explained the Melbournite.

    Nolan is a former World Jet Ski competitor (6th in the World in 2010) and Australian Jet Ski Champion (2010), and is a Rookie this year. He owns his own electrical company based in Western Australia, and is learning a lot off team mate Pretty in his Rookie year in the Utes.

    “I had a ball (with the Crocs), it was a bit nerve racking but a great start to the weekend. I can’t wait to get on the track,” said Nolan.

    The two drivers both had a turn at feeding the croc’s and even managed a touch of big “Denzel” (the 5.2m long Croc). They’ll join 30 other drivers on the grid this weekend including newcomers Ben Dowley (former Aussie Racing Car Driver) and John “Spud” Wood (HQ driver).

    2011 V8 Ute Champion Chris Pither will return to the field to replace Tony Longhurst, who has had to sit out this round due to a back injury.

    After finishing 14th in last year’s Bathurst 1000 and racing in this year’s V8 Supercar Development Series, the two-time New Zealand V8 Ute Champ is excited to steer a Ute again.

    “I love the Utes, it’s where it all started for me and it will be great to be behind the wheel again. It’s unfortunate for Tony that he can’t drive this weekend but hopefully he’ll be back for the next round. I’m looking forward to hitting the track and mixing it with the guys,” said Pither.



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