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    Jettribe Blue Water West Coast Nationals Results & Re-Cap

    Results and a re-cap from Jettribe







    From Jettribe
    It could not have been a better weekend to be at the river for Racing in Parker, Arizona. It was a great weekend! “IJSBA has been flooded with messages which unanimously reported the event was a tremendous success. Nice job Blue Water, Ross, Blake, John, Sarge, and the rest of the team!” (ijsba.com). They really did do a fantastic job! We had a beautiful view of the race site, friendly people to talk to during the day, racers who needed gear or forgot theirs. It was a good thing we were there to help them out. Two of our sponsored riders; Brock Austin and Charles Anderson placed! It is going to be great to watch them race this season, they did a great job and we could not be more proud!


    Photo by: Danyelle Glendening












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