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    Jettribe’s Aero Aswar tells about his experience at the IJSBA Hot Product World Finals

    The world famous London Bridge is where it all began. During my stay in Lake Havasu City I woke up everyday around five o’clock and went to London Bridge to do my jogging around it. Some racers jogged in the same area so sometimes we actually jogged together. My race heart beat race to the level each and everyday that its getting closer to World Finals. I trained myself hard and push my heart rate limit – reached 214bpm; gain more muscle to be able to control this new ski that I have not much time riding.

    1384068_530546793680353_561024692_nThis time of the year, my whole family came down to be part of racing. My dad – well he is always around, my brother – also a racer and also help me out with my training, we actually train together and lastly my mom – keeping me filled with food and vitamins! cause I always forgot to eat (too excited for the race).

    Couple days before the race week I had a problem with my ski. My ski got rocks in the intake grate and almost destroyed my pump, but we had it fixed and all problems solved after couple days.

    I joined two classes the GP Runabout and Pro Runabout Open. GP Runabout started on Friday, ended on Saturday while Pro Runabout Open started on Saturday and ended on Sunday as the main event. These two classes are the fastest class on jetski competition so yeah..we sounded like turbo not braap braapp.

    _MGL8592Race day was when my it gets a little crazy, I haven’t use my ski in about 4 days so I was just hoping that I will be able to handle it. Heat 1 – got the holeshot, a perfect start for me and I won the heat Jettribe incredible wetsuit made me be one with the, I was just in control with my ski and rarely bounces on my ski. On the same day was my Moto 1. I got the the first pick and picked the pole position. why? because I know my ski is fast enough to pulled it off. And..I did it! got another holeshot and win the Moto 1! What a perfect day to enjoy! or not (racing’s not over)

    _MGL7281Moto 2, we did 3 starts. The first attempt someone jumped the rubber band had to red flag the race. Second attempt went well until a rider is down and need to go to the hospital so it was call for the racers and need to restart again. The last attempt, I did the jump start so I have to pay my penalty with a dead engine start. I think I did great to finished third in Moto 2 with a dead engine start. My training was all worth it! and for next race – The King’s Cup, I will level up my training as it will be the ocean race. See you guys real soon!! Train hard people!













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