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    Jobe Ruthless Moments

    What’s you ruthless moment? Jobe launched a new campaign called Jobe ruthless moments. This campaign is created for all the Jobe fans who want to share their favourite moments with the world. Jobe’s giving you THE chance with this new campaign to be in the official 2016 Jobe PWC catalogue! Do you want to take your moment of glory? Join the Jobe ruthless moments!

    Jobe wants to show the world the Jobe ruthless family is all over the world. With the new campaign you can join the Jobe ruthless family by yourself. Use the hashtag #Jobemoments on Facebook or Instagram and have a chance for your photo to be featured in over 15,000 printed catalogues!

    There’s only one restriction to this unique campaign: the photo needs a reference to Jobe. Be as creative as possible! How cool is it to build your own Jobe sand castle and post this?! The Jobe PWC athletes are also joining this campaign, so get inspired by them and share all your Jobe moments!

    Go to www.jobepwc.com/moments for more info!

    Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 9.38.08 AM

    Source: Jobe International Media 

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