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    The best season?

    Story & Photos: KevRacing Media

    This year Kevin was on point with his performance. Victories around the globe, fresh of the King’s Cup title and the lead in the overall world cup. It’s no lie to say Reiterer is either winning or breaking down, because that is what happened this season. Kevin either won the race or broke down.

    With the last race of the season up last, which decides who will be your 2015 World Champion, Reiterer with a small lead of 10 points must win the race ahead of his main competitors, Nacho Armillias (ESP) and the Poret brothers (FRA). Can he finish the season with an overall victory and make this season one of the greates of all time?
    “I am excited to race next weekend! The skis are on point and I recovered from my sickness of last week. I am physically and mentally ready to race upcoming weekend!”, says the Austrian with a smile on his face.

    For his fans around the World we have some great news as well. The final event of the season will not only be broadcasted on international TV but everyone around the world can watch it LIVE and cheer on at www.aquabike.com.


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