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    King Of The River

    On Sunday the 3rd of February 2013 I had the Wa state titles – King of the River – I had been looking forward to the 2013 King of the River since the last 2012 King of the River.

    By:Jamie-lee Spence
    On the day before KOR (Saturday 26th of January 2013) my dad stopped breathing and went into hospital which men’t he wasn’t obviously going to be able to attend the racing. I haven’t ever been to a race without my dad, he is my race partner and I didn’t think I would be able to do it without him.

    I had decided that I wasn’t going to race the next day but dad insisted that I did! So with the help of my Brother and everyone else I turned up at racing the next day and raced. I had decided on the Friday before dad had gone into hospital that I was only going to run in the 3 Mottos and not the Duke of the Swan but Dad had been wanting me to race in the 15 minute race so I decided that I would do it just for him.

    I didn’t do to bad in my mottos or the Duke of the swan. I managed to get hole shot out of the gate in most mottos but was beaten to the first buoy by the 2 hydros. In am’s there were 9 or 10 skis racing, I got 2x 6th’s and 1x 5th. I was so nervous before I raced in the Duke of the swan, On the line there was about 17 skis I was wondering If I was going to be able to finish it or not because last year at the 2012 King of the River I came in after 11 minutes but then again it was my first ever race!

    I’m so glad I raced in the DOS even with feeling down and having a bad shoulder, I didn’t get to tired I just paced myself. I finished in top 13 I think so I didn’t do to bad :) I had such an amazing day thanks to everyone who was there. Thank you to everyone who helped me out I would of not be able to do it without you’s! Dad I love you so much I knew you were a strong man and you have now pulled through and are back to your normal self :)

    Thank you so much for supporting me and letting me race!
    Jamie-lee Spence

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