Pro Watercross is very pleased to announce that Kuwait has joined as its first international affiliate and has recognized the need to establish an International Program. The Kuwaiti Alshiekha Mashal Dua’aj Alsabah has reviewed the history and future plans for Pro Watercross and was in agreement that this would be a positive step for the Kuwait Watercross Team. “Kuwait representatives had contacted us over the summer and expressed their interest in being affiliated with Pro Watercross. They were very impressed with the direction that we are taking the sport” stated AJ Handler. “This is a great honor that Kuwait has given us.”

    Beyond providing sanctioned Pro Watercross events and the benefits of membership, the International Program will foster the globalization of the rules, competition formats, and other standards, all with the aim of increasing international competition. Key informational documents, including the Pro Watercross Rule Book, will someday be translated into and published in other languages. This program will be steered by an International Director and Country Representatives as appointed by each participating country’s national Pro Watercross governing body.

    With Pro Watercross based in North America and the USA representing 85%+ of global watercross athletes, the Pro Watercross World Championships will be held exclusively in North America. Each year the Pro Watercross World Championship will draw race teams, competitors, their support crews, spectators, sponsors and more to unite the world’s best watercross athletes, defining the sport of personal watercraft racing as it crowns its World Champions each September.

    The 2015 World Championships will be held September 22-27 in Naples, FL and is being filmed for CBS Sports, reaching into over 93 million homes and aired nationally on October 18, 2015 at 9:00 PM EST.
    The Pro Watercross World Championship will continue to grow and evolve as it becomes the largest gathering of personal watercraft enthusiast in the world and Pro Watercross Affiliates will be an important element of the world class racing and the growth of watercross.

    Each year in addition to competition, the Annual Meeting for Pro Watercross International Affiliates will be held on the Saturday prior to the start of the Pro Watercross World Championship to vote on rule book changes and general discussion for the advancement of the sport.

    For further information about Pro Watercross e-mail info@prowatercross.com

    Register online today at: www.ProWatercross.com/register
    Mobile Registration at: MOBILE WORLD Championship Registration
    Site and Hotel Information at: www.ProWatercross.com/world
    Awards Banquet Information: Semi formal banquet has been planned for Sunday, September 27 at 6:00 pm which will be held at the host hotel; Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club. There is a tentative awards banquet being planned on Thursday, September 24 for amateur awards.


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