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    Liquid Militia Riders Results From The 2013 Blowsion Surf Slam

    Excellent report from Liquid Militia…


    So at the end of a long day. I won my LCQ round then went back into the final bracket against Jake Montandon who’s ranked 2nd in the world. I lost by another very close heat. Jake went incredibly big on his airs which took the overall in our heat. In the end I ended up with a 9th Place finish for the Pro Open Freeride.

    Mark Gomez- Competing at the 2013 Blowsion Surf Slam

    But in the Pro motosurf race that was another story. I ended up taking the win with a 1st place overall for the title and snatching up the dash for cash!!

    Mark Gomez- Taking the Pro Motosurf Win



    Zack Bright took the K&S Big Air Showdown, with his no handed can-can flip that he pulled super clean. This makes it the second time Zack has won this title so maybe next year it will be a 3 peat.

    Zack Bright – Won the K&S Big Air Showdown

    In the Pro Open Freeride class I able to take a 5th place finish.

    Zack Bright- Competing at the 2013 Blowsion Surf Slam



    What a long journey it has been so far this year. I am very proud of how everything wrapped up so far in freeriding. This last weekend was the 2013 Blowsion Surf Slam in Pacific City Oregon, the 2nd stop on the IFWA World Freeride tour. I have been preparing for this event very hard since the last time you heard from me, just after the Grayland Open Amateur Freeride contest in August. Since then its been full blown free ride training. I rode mininum of 3 days a week and had some weeks we rode 6 days a week. Riding and practicing in Oceanside, CA and Pismo Beach, CA. I was also happy to start a good solid gym regiment and I have never felt better as a rider. This new TC Freeride built Rickter FR-2 EVO 1 has really been the key tool in my progression this year. I have never been so confident in the surf. This ski has some awesome Dasa horse power and key features that have made it possible for me to boost backflips off 2 foot tall waves but still charge 10 foot surf. For me all this practice and preparation was for my first full Pro Freeride debut at the 2013 Blowsion Surf Slam in Pacific City, OR.

    Tanner Thomas- Competing at the 2013 Blowsion Surf Slam

    I arrived on Tuesday before the weekend events with Zack Bright, Stanton High and Mark Gomez. We rode early in the week but the surf was very small which is unusual for Oregon, but it was nice to get our skis wet and let the 19 hour drive lag get worked out of our systems. When Friday rolled around it was time to qualify and get seated for the IFWA tour brackets. I qualified 6th and was pleased with how everything was shaping up. The surf kicked up on Friday into a good 10 foot typical Oregon washing machine that we all had to get acclimated to quick. Saturday we started the head to head elimination heats, my first heat was a very good one with friend and follow Rickter rider Randy Lawlor. Randy came out on top and I went into the LCQ bracket. From there I was fortunate in getting my runs together and went on to win my next two heats to secure a 5th place and was knocked out in the 8th finals by TC Freeride team mate Brandon Lawlor on a very action packed heat. The surf stayed strong all weekend holding thick 10 foot waves. It was also sunny and the warmest I have rode in Oregon yet!

    I am very happy with a 5th place result and have learned a lot this season. I am trying to prepare myself for a full IFWA tour in the near future in hopes a chasing a IFWA Pro Freeride World Championship title. This was the first big step in going for that and I can see the rest on the horizon. The video footage from this event is going to be unreal I will be sure to share all of the amazing videos that will be popping up soon. But for now I have attached some good photos.

    Tanner Thomas- Go Pro shot

    This next Sunday I will be flying out of Seattle Washington on my way to Warsaw Poland where I will be meeting the proud new owners of my last years Competition Rickter XFS. In Poland I will be helping train Maciek Siergiej for a competition the following weekend in Croatia. It is a very exciting opportunity and I am happy to be able to go.

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