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    LOOK Marketing to help promote Fruit of the Looms new Wicky Water Wondies.

    Fruit Of The Loom To Promote Water Wicking Underwear With LOOK Fruit Guys. April fools joke or legit? You make the call! 

    LOOK Deadmau5 rider in Miami LOOK MARKETING will be working with Fruit of the Loom in producing an on-water guerrilla marketing effort in 16 major markets in the US to promote the brand’s new line of water wicking underwear. The Fruit of the Loom “Fruit Guys” will be riding high visibility waterways aboard personal watercraft with the Fruit Guys wearing the company’s new watersports focused briefs.DCIM100GOPROLOOK Marketing’s “character” efforts for professional friends (clients) BRP/Sea-Doo has gained the brand and the agency world-wide attention linking various holidays to direct product connections. Most recently the event and social media agency leveraged such activities to promote BRP’s launch of their new Sea-Doo Spark product in conjunction with a private concert with DJ Deadmau5 in the #SPARKSOMEFUN event. Five PWC riders wore trademark, “mau5heads” worn by Deamau5 during his concerts for a full week leading up to the concert/event, navigating the many high visibility waterways of Miami, Florida.

    SONY DSC”We couldn’t ride by one house, one boat, or one busy roadway with out people scrambling for their phones to take a picture,” said LOOK event specialist Mark Quavillon. And when they took that picture, a six rider pulling a billboard buoy telling them how to tag that picture on social media. The collection of Instagram images, Vine Videos, and Tweets were collected into a hashtag aggregator sparksomefun.com and they were then entered into a contest to win free concert tickets.

    Easter Bunny Island HopWith the large scale exposure and success of this effort, and the pop virility of the Easter Bunny island hopSouthern Santa Delivery,  and Pumpkin Head videos and imagery, Fruit of the Loom saw an opportunity to link their newest product with its intended audience in a buzz worthy way. And create some unique content at the same time.

    DCIM100GOPROFruit of the Loom’s new Wicky Water Wondies, made of a new Lycra woven with Polyprop and rain-x like material to dry in less than 90 seconds after being immersed in water.

    Fruit Guys on the water

    “Fruit of the Loom is about living life in comfort and nothing is more annoying than the chaffing of wet under garments while trying to have fun on the water,” said FOTL project manager Ebbner Draught. “LOOK has a talent for connecting things that are seemly impossible to connect and done so in a fun manner that creates memorable content to help brands be seen. We can’t think of a better manner to go to market with our new line of Wicky Water Wondies than to have the Fruit Guys riding around the water all day.”

    The LOOK team is excited to promote Fruit of the Loom products to the masses by playing yet another character.

    The agreement goes into affect on April 1st.

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