Winning is everything at the Mark Hahn 300 Memorial PWC Race. That’s exactly what Team Pastorello did today in Lake Havasu City, Arizona USA.

    From Liquid Militia

    The team was co-piloted with Liquid Militia’s own Legacy Racer, Chris MacClugage along with Jean Bruno Pastorello the Team Owner and world renowned PWC Endurance international racer from France.

    Photo By: Jeffrey DeCoite

    WINNING BOAT: Kawasaki Ultra LX 300

    PODIUM: 1st Overall Runabout-1st Overall

    BEST PIT CREW: Team Pastorello

    ‘The beginning of the 300 mile race started off with smooth and calm waters. Then the water action started to pick up and the track got rough. As we transitioned towards the third and final phase of racing, Lake Havasu calmed down. The water laid down smooth and it was an open race from there on out.’ Says Chris.

    “Being on the Pastorello Team was fantastic; they are the most professional team in this sport. I watched them when I was competing in Russia last year, their transitions were smooth. This team is run calmly and with precision. It’s such a great feeling to be part of a professionally run team. Our pit stops were the fastest at the event; we averaged from the checkered buoy, to refueling and back on the water approximately 54 seconds! The only word I can think of is smooth professionals. Even though I fell off once, bent the handlebars, repairs were made, we correct, and continued onward to the goal, crossing the checkered buoys with the overall.’ adds MacClugage.

    ‘Craig Warner had the fast boat on the track today during racing, but everyone including Warner was having a hard time keeping their boats from breaking down. We didn’t have the fastest boat, but that’s not what this race is built on. It’s build on finishing. The past results of this race speak for themselves, you can’t come here with an over built race boat, it can’t handle the pressures of sustained horsepower demands, you have to come here with a race boat that matches the needs of the track. And finishing means you have to be competing on a reliable build, and that’s exactly what Team Pastorello did. They built the best race boat for this race and it crossed the finish line 2 laps ahead of everyone else, securing the podium and the 300 Mile bragging rights”, remarks Chris.

    “I am happy about this win in my hometown; it’s a great day for Macc Racing and our sponsors. We put the time into this and I’m honored to be a part of a polished and professional group like Team Pastorello who takes PWC endurance racing seriously. Winning is what racing is about, they get it.’ Liquid Militia team rider Chris continues; ‘I want to thank my wife Rachel and Mac for their love and support, they are a big part of what motivates me to give my very best in everything I do, along with supporting my sponsors who expect the very best. Chris rode his first race for Jet Pilot in 2013.

    Ryan Decker is also a sponsored Macc Racing rider; the 17 year old took the overall in the Stand Up racing division as well as the Ironman. Macc Racing had a great day at the Mark Hahn 300.

    “Et oui pour la première fois de sa carrière Jean Bruno Pastorello réussit la passe de trois pour cette mytique course d’endurance d’Havasu Lake, personne avant lui n’avait gagné Trois fois de suite. Bravo au Team Pastorello, Bravo a Chris MacClugage son coéquipier. Et merci a tous pour votre soutien” – Team Pastorello

    Thanks Jeffrey DeCoite and the entire Pastorello Race Team Pit Crew.
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    The Chris MacClugage Race Legacy:
    15 Time World Champion, 15 Time National Champion, 3 Time Thailand Kings Cup champion, 2010 Thailand Kings Cup Champion, 2 Time Japan Champion, Offshore Guadeloupe Champion, 2 Time European Indoor Champion, Martinique Off Shore 2010 Champion, 2013 Mark Hahn Overall Champion

    Chris MacClugage

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