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    Mikey’s Hydrodrag Teaser

    Morgan City, LA. The 2nd Round of the Greenhulk.net US HydroDrag Nationals took place on May 3rd and 4th at Lake End Park in Morgan City, Louisiana…AND WHAT A WEEKEND IT WAS!!! Lake Palourde, which means “shell lake”, was the site of a record breaking event for the IJSBA’s Greenhulk.net US HydroDrag Nationals!


    By Mikey Young

    The World Record in the HydroDrag Unlimited Class of personal watercraft drag racing was held by Rayge Sanchez, of Game Over Performance, at 106mph, which he posted in Tavares, FL, in August 2013. Sanchez, would face some fierce competition on this particular weekend as the best in the land would be in attendance. The champ would be on the sidelines as Maikel Gonzalez, of Miami, sponsored by CRT Racing was the 1st racer to take the track in the RIVA Racing Unlimited Speed Alley competition and would not disappoint as conditions were near perfect as he pumped up the boos tin the turbocharger and posted a whopping 108mph!!! Sanchez, not deterred by his ousting of his “Fastest Man in the World” compliment, would come back and also run a 108mph to tie Gonzalez under some major pressure! They would have one more opportunity to face the task ahead, but Sanchez’s boat had issues and would not make the second run, so it was up to Gonzalez to back up the 108mph…the waves of Lake Palourde would settle down for Miami’s Gonzalez, and, with the crowd on their feet, he diced through the water, like a hot knife through butter, and BAM!!! He pinned the throttle, and took the World HydroDrag Speed Record to new heights in Cajun Country by posting a phenomenal speed of 112mph past the “lie detector”, videos with radar gun are online! To complete another moment in history, Carlito De Valle, took his Sea Doo (3 seater) and put it on the podium with a blistering 101mph…and for the 1st time, there would be 3 racers OVER 100mph!!!

    1st Maikel Gonzalez (SEA/YAM) 112mph

    2nd Rayge Sanchez (YAM) 108mph

    3rd Carlito De Valle (SEA) 101mph

    The full story will be available in Pro Rider Magazine, “The Official Magazine for HydroDrag Racing”. This event was sponsored by the Cajun Coast VCB, pwcperformance.com, Yamaha, RIVA Racing, Sea Doo, Hydroturf, Blowsion, Rick Roy Products, Jet Pilot, Sta-Bil, Sportsman Cycle & Marine ,Best Western docbrite.com, Mayor “Boo”, Jerry, Carrie, “City” Lou, Glen, Lt Rogers, and Gary Holbein…Stay tuned…next race is FT LAUDERDALE, FL, July 12-13, for info, go to greenhulk.net!!!



    1. Clay Barbee
    2. Rich Block
    3. Tonito Lopez

    1. Stan Hightower
    2. Scott Rice
    3. Brett Nance
    4. Jose Gonzalez
    5. Kristian Ichazo

    1. Kerry Hibdon
    2. Stan Hightower
    3. Chuck Germany
    4. Scott Rice
    5. Brett Nance

    1. Kerry Hibdon
    2. Stan Hightower
    3. Brett Nance
    4. Duke Zorn

    1. Kerry Hibdon
    2. Stan Hightower
    3. Carlio De Valle
    4. Julio De Valle
    5. Duke Zorn
    6. Raul Cue

    RIVA Racing Speed Alley

    Hydro N/A
    1. Tonito Lopez 71
    2. Clay Barbee 66

    Hydro Stock Speed Alley
    1. Scott Rice 81 80
    2. Kristian Izchazo 81 78
    3. Carlito De Valle 63

    Hydro Spec
    1. Ron Allision 58 (broke)

    Hydro Superstock
    1. Brett Nance 97 *
    2. Ross Niemoeller 95

    Hydro Unlimited
    1. Maikel Gonzalazes 112 **
    2. Rayge Sanchez 108
    3. Carlito De Valle 101

    · **IJSBA World Record
    · *New Records
    · First time that three Unlimited racers go over 100mph


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