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    P1 Aqua X USA Heats Up Daytona Beach, Florida – With Photo Gallery!

    April 25-26 hosted the first round of P1 Aqua X USA endurance racing in Daytona Beach, Florida with the Plaza Resort & Spa Hotel hosted racing and accommodation for all participants involved. Racing was serious with riders from the US and abroad representing all 3 major PWC manufacturers including Yamaha, Kawasaki and Sea-Doo. With top speeds of 65mph in the Daytona Beach surf, racers had their hands full on the course during their respective 30 minute endurance motos. Classes included Aqua X 200, Aqua X 250, Aqua X 300, Ski and Sport.

    Riders in the 300 class included heavy hitters Eric Francis, Craig Warner, Stuart Rasmussen, Aero Aswar and Aqsa Aswar. Some highlight riders of the 250 class included UK’s Anya Colley, Eric Lagopoulos, Paloma Noceda, Kevin Wassum and Mike Klippenstein. Rounding out top riders in the 200 class were Rob Greenwald, Jason Maxon, Kelly Belval, Eric Diaz and Brent Venderley. Ski Class riders included Johnny Smith, Cody McCallum, Jeremy Schandelmeyer, Broc Harris, Johnny Havell, Shawn Mayo and Kirk Britto. Finally, Sport Class riders included Glen Jung, Sam Nehme, Ray Quintana, Dave Goding and more.

    In the 300 class, Yamaha WaveRunners and Riva Racing rider Aqsa Aswar claimed the P1 Aqua X USA Daytona Beach crown, followed by Aero Aswar in second and Kawasaki’s Craig Warner in third. According to P1 Aqua X USA, “Peru’s superstar Paloma Noceda takes second place, while reigning 250 king Eric Lagopoulos ends up in third. Great Britain’s Anya Colley finished in fourth.” In Sport, Glen Jung swept the field with a 1-1-1 finish all weekend. Trailing in second was Sam Nehme with a 2-4-2 finish and Ray Quintana rounded out the podium in third. Ski Class riders tore up the course with Johnny Smith taking the win, followed by Macon Georgia’s Cody MaCallum in second and Jeremy Schandelmeyer in third. The 200 class podium holders included Yamaha WaveRunner’s Rob Greenwald in first, Brent Venderlay in second and Kelly Belval in third. Don’t forget to check out the complete list of results to see where your favorite riders placed.

    300 Class 2nd place podium finisher Aero Aswar remarked, “Its been a really great race weekend for my first race of the year. Post to my surgery on December; I have been training on my skis lately and ended getting 2nd overall behind my brother! Congrats to Aqsa Aswar for taking 1st in round 1 but it wont be long as I will catch up to my full recovery time. I would like thank BNI, Yamaha, Riva Racing Jettribe, Hydro TurfDean CharrierPatrick Battistello, and John Boudreau Jr. Looking forward for round 2!”

    Round 2 of the P1 Aqua X USA series will head to Jacksonville, Florida, Saturday June 6. P1 Aqua X sponsors include HydroTurf, Yamaha WaveRunners, Sea Doo, IJSBA, Jet Pilot, Florida National Guard, Exotic Signs, Riva Racing, Go Pro and more. For more information on P1 Aqua X and registration details, visit www.p1aquax.com

    By: Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine
    Photos: Kurt NgSaye
    Video: Dave Sirak

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