Jack Goes Jet Skiing

Jack loves to shred! [..]

Two Fathers Tried to DROWN Themselves After Jet Ski Broke Down

Two best friends who drifted 10 miles out to sea when their jet-ski broke down revealed yesterday that they considered drowning themselves. [..]

Illegal Tip For Jet Ski Dock Lands Florida Broker in Jail

A former Morgan Stanley financial adviser was arrested on Friday on charges of illegally tipping a friend to an $11 billion pharmaceutical deal in exchange for $35,000 and a jet ski dock, federal officials said. [..]

12 Too Young to Use Jet Skis

Federal Member for Murray Sharman Stone is calling for the minimum age of jet ski users to be increased. Currently children as young as 12 can skipper their own jet ski in Victoria and New South Wales. They must pass a licence test, and cannot travel at more than 20 knots. [..]

Woman Beats Up Thieves And Gets Back Stolen Jet Skis

SACRAMENTO (CBS) – A Sacramento woman’s two jet skis were stolen, but instead of giving up, she chased down the thieves and beat them up. [..]

Thrust Innovations Daytona Freeride 2013: James Ross

Going big. This is the 2013 Daytona Jet Ski Freeride, presented by Thrust Innovations, from the perspective of James Ross. [..]

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