Tide Turns For TV Sea Adventure

By Cathie Anderson- sabcbee.com

Folsom’s Steven Moll said he couldn’t land one sponsor for his first season of “Dangerous Waters,” the reality television show that has Moll and four buddies traversing the world’s oceans on Sea-Doo personal watercraft. The sponsorship tide has turned for Season 2,


All 4 Parts of Blowsion Surf Slam 2012

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Anya Colley Announces A Break From Competition

British Pro Women’s Multi-time World Champion Racer, Anya Colley, announces a break from 2013 competition season Recently, via social media, the 7-time World Women’s stand-up Champion, Anya Colley, famous for her [..]

Mountain Motorsports at Atlanta Boat Show

Pro Rider made a visit to the Atlanta Boat show on Thursday to check out the Mountain Motorsports setup and get a few pics. The MM set up is massive with every PWC you could hope to find. Even a 2013 Yamaha Superjet which wont last long I’m sure. We were able to kick it with the Dustin Farthing and [..]

Daytona Freeride Party Info

If you don’t see the Pro Rider crew among the massive crowd in Daytona, you will definitely find us partying every night. Remember Daytona is 10% riding and 90% partying. We will be throwing back shots and slappin PR stickers on all the hotties best body parts. Lets do this… [..]

Liquid Militia Team Weekend 2010

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