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    Pro Watercross Releases 2016 Rule Book and Race Classes

    Pro Watercross Releases 2016 Rule Book and Race Classes

    By: Pro Watercross Tour

    We are pleased to announce the release of the 2016 Pro Watercross International Rulebook and the 2016 competition classes for the National Tour.

    “We want to provide a clear, consistent rulebook for the riders and the teams,” explained Pro Watercross CEO AJ Handler. “We took a lot of ideas and suggestions into consideration during our planning.  We feel that Pro Watercross is on track for a great 2016 season”

    In an effort to grow the sport, Pro Watercross is introducing the Ski Superstock class that allows “approved” aftermarket hulls. The “approved hull” list will be announced and posted on the Pro Watercross website’s rulebook page in the near future.

    In additional to the aftermarket hulls the class has made provisions for using the 4-stroke Yamaha TR-1 and Rotax 900 ACE engines along with 2-stroke engines with a limited number of enhancements. See Technical Rule 27 – Ski Superstock for complete rules on this class.

    “After research and discussion with industry professionals and competitors, we see this class development as a stepping stone for the Pro-Am Ski GP class. This class will continue to make the sport’s roots stronger than ever” continued Handler. “With the advancements being made in 4-stroke technology Pro Watercross is looking to be proactive in race class development.”

    The Ski GP class has increased the 4-stroke displacement limit to 1050cc to allow for further innovation in the class. Due to the unknown power output capabilities of the latest 4-stroke power plants, specific rules will be adjusted periodically throughout the year to maintain parity in the GP class. See Technical Rule 28 – Ski GP for complete rules on this class.

    Changes to the Runabout Box Stock Rules now allow parts to be updated and backdated. See Runabout Box Stock Technical Rule 33.1.4 for further information.

    Check out the 2016 Pro Watercross International Rule Book at www.ProWatercross.com/rulebook

    2016 competition classes for the Pro Watercross National Tour.
    Junior Ski Stock 10-12 yr.
    Junior Ski Stock 13-15 yr.
    Amateur Ski Stock
    Amateur Ski GP
    Women’s Ski Limited
    Ski Superstock
    Veterans Ski GP
    Pro-Am Ski Stock
    Pro-Am Ski GP
    Amateur Freestyle
    Pro Freestyle
    Freestyle 800
    Amateur Runabout Box Stock
    Amateur Runabout Superstock
    Pro-Am Runabout Box Stock
    Pro-Am Runabout Superstock
    Pro-Am Runabout GP
    Runabout N/A Spec
    Runabout Rec (Spark)
    Runabout 1000 cc (Spark & 800s)
    Veteran Runabout Superstock
    Women’s Runabout Box Stock
    SPORT CLASSES                               
    Sport Stock
    Sport GP
    BEGINNER CLASSES – no tour points can be collected for Beginner Classes
    Beginner Runabout BOX Stock
    Beginner Ski Stock
    For additional information about the Pro Watercross National Tour events please visit go to www.ProWatercross.com
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