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    Quadrofoil will Produce Personal Watercraft in Cooperation with Alumero

    Slovenska Bistrica, February 16, 2015 – Companies Quadrofoil, Slovenia and Alumero Group, Austria have signed a letter of intent, stating that Quadrofoil will establish a mass production of its energy-efficient advanced ecological personal watercrafts on Alumero’s premises in Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia. Also, Alumero will become a strategic partner for production and therefore cooperate in development and financing of technological production processes and additional equipment for Quadrofoil watercrafts. Companies plan to create 100 new jobs before 2017.

    Marjan Rozman

    “Positive feedback and the number of preorders for Quadrofoil water crafts exceeded our expectations. The agreement with Alumero Group is an important step closer to establishing a stable mass production of Quadrofoil watercrafts. We are also pleased that cooperation with Alumero, Impol and our other suppliers facilitates the start of mass production in Slovenia. This way, we can provide employment opportunities for many people, which was our wish right from the start. Of course, there are still several tasks in front of us, before we can ensure delivery of the first Quadrofoil Q2S Electric Limited Edition watercrafts for our first preorder costumers at the end of March. However, I am absolutely certain that we will make it,” said Marjan Rožman, CEO of Quadrofoil.


    Quadrofoil watercraft, developed and produced by the Slovenian company with the same name, is an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient personal watercraft that flies above the water with the help of underwater hydrofoils. When driving, it produces no gas, noise or oil emissions, and consumes less than 1€ worth of electrical energy per hour of driving. It is also safe to use and causes no harm to the environment, while its shape is extremely appealing. In the first three months since its launch, Quadrofoil generated a lot of interest and received recognition from the expert public and especially from customers from all over the world. The company Quadrofoil predicts that the Quadrofoil in the future the same status achieved on the water, as the cars of Tesla have already on our roads.


    Manfred Rosenstatter“As a result of the cooperation with Quadrofoil, we will expand our production portfolio with aunique, ecological and progressive product, and guarantee sustainability to our production site in Slovenska Bistrica.Quadrofoil is a highly emotional product with significant potential for the future. These special synergies of Alumero Group and Quadrofoil create a long-term win-win situation,” said Manfred Rosenstatter, CEO of Alumero Group.

    Alumero Group is an internationally renowned company, offering customized solutions made of aluminum and other materials. As a professional manufacturer, the company possesses efficient and advanced production capabilities and equipment, creating sustainable solutions for innovative ideas. With production sites in Austria, Slovenia, Poland, Holland and Germany, Alumero provides flexibility, suitable production capacities and high-level competencies. Alumero’s highly qualified staff guarantees uninterrupted project development and cost-efficient production planning with rational use of available production equipment.

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    Quadrofoil is available for pre-order at 15,000 EUR for a Q2A Electric Model and at 22,500 EUR for a Q2S Electric Limited Edition. Reservation, production and delivery information can be found at www.quadrofoil.com.


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