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    Reiterer Conquered Nordic Countries

    Reiterer Conquered Nordic Countries

    By: KevRacing Media

    The 23 year old World Champion out of Austria traveled last weekend to Norway to prepare for the Nordic Championship. 10 Nations fought for the world Famous title. The Sportsman won the title for the first time in 2013 and repeated his success the past weekend. With a great performance and incredible skills on the log jumps Reiterer led the field till the end. Reiterer even took Austria on the podium of the Nation’s Cup. The one and only rider who could beat Reiterer in a Moto that weekend was his Team Member Daniel Andersen. With a fantastic performance he took home second place. “ I am really happy about my results and I had a wonderful time on the log jumps. Was so much fun racing up in Norway. I am also happy that the training and hard work pays of for Daniel.”, explains the young Austrian with a smile.

    The season is coming to an end in Europe. Riders and their Teams are starting to gear up for the third round of the UIM World Championship in China at the beginning of October.

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