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    Rippin’ H2O

    Woohoo, hold onto your sunhats, the International Freeride Watercraft Association Sanctioned World Event Round 3 UK – also known as Rippin H20 – will hit the Newquay surf in June.

    10302493_685266928186164_6763896110691120681_nGet yourselves down to the Great Western beach in Newquay on June 6, 7 and 8 to watch gravity defying flips, barrel rolls and 360s as freeriders drive their buzzy little watercraft through the Atlantic surf. Fifty of the world’s top freeride jetski riders will be taking part. Their skilled performances on and above the water draw more ooohs and aaahhhs from the watching public than the very best fireworks display!

    The rider deemed top honcho over the three days will be one step closer to the coveted World Champion status as well as being the Rippin H20 champion AND he will be taking home prize money. Competitors are coming from over 10 different countries and the atmosphere will be electric as two riders go mano-o-mano in 10-minute heats, pushing every rider to their limits.


    If you enjoy competitive water sports but don’t like to get your feet wet, then this is a great event to attend. Whether it is your first experience with the spectacle of freeriding or you are an aficionado, it’s well worth getting down to Newquay’s Great Western beach on June 6, 7 and 8.


    To see more about this fast-paced, thrilling water sport go to The Freeride National Tour.

    The entertainment does not stop as the sun sets. Take the opportunity to wind down with live music from local band – The Freedom-Guilt Equation – at the Great Western Beach Bar.

    Keep in touch with surf conditions at Great Western beach



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