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    RIVA RACING HydroDrag World Championship Results

    RIVA RACING HydroDrag World Championship Results

    Story: Mike Young

    Photos: Riva Racing


    The 4th Annual RIVA RACING HydroDrag World Championship was held in Tavares, Florida, on November 6-8! “The fastest 4 seconds on water” did not disappoint, as over 60 racers from the US and Puerto Rico came to Lake County and competed in 6 different HydroDrag Classes, Speed Alley, and the Endurance race. A very special thanks to our sponsors, which include… RIVA RACING, Greenhulk.net, Yamaha Motor Corporation, BRP/Look Marketing, HydroTurf, Blowsion, Ben’s Performance, Kerry Hibdon Performance Group, Team Mean Racing, Jet Pilot, Pro Rider Magazine, Lake County, the City of Tavares, Lacey Powersports, Tiki West, Sandbar, MVP Photography, and Mayor Kirby Smith for his attendance. The results are as follows, please read the full story in PRO RIDER Magazine!

    2015 RIVA RACING HydroDrag World Championships Official Results (Top 3)

    HydroDrag Classes

    Junior HydroDrag

    Angelica Gonzalez
    Chris Caputo Jr
    Luis Rosa

    Womens HydroDrag

    Angelica Gonzalez
    Blanca Conde

    N/A HydroDrag

    Tonito Lopez

    Stock HydroDrag

    Stan Hightower
    Stephen Jessie
    Angelica Gonzalez

    Spec HydroDrag

    Kerry Hibdon
    Stan Hightower
    Angelica Gonzalez

    SuperStock HydroDrag

    Mike Valdes
    El Negro
    Chris Caputo Jr

    Unlimited HydroDrag

    Stan Hightower
    Chris Caputo
    Kerry Hibdon



    Stephen Jessie 83.1


    Carlos Conde 94.7
    Clay Marsh 86.9


    Ross Neimoeller 96.2
    Carlos Conde 95.5
    Kerry Hibdon N/A


    Maikel Gonzalez 110.0
    Chris Caputo 107.4
    Jesse Gonzalez 103.6

    Endurance Race

    Joel Fretts
    Tonito Lopez
    Tasha Siu

    Stay tuned to surfandturfpromotions.com for upcoming news on the 2016 season!!!

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