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    Surf & Turf Reunion Tour Rounds 1 & 2 in the Books!

    Story: Surf & Turf Reunion Tour Media

    Photos: Bob Snow – Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine 

    (Tavares, FL)  The 2015 Surf and Turf Reunion Tour had their first event over Easter weekend on Lake Dora, in Tavares, Florida, under sunny skies and a friendly atmosphere.  These were the first two of four IJSBA qualifiers in Florida this season.  The event took place at the new event site, which was a lot more wide-open for parking, vendors, and provided bleachers for the spectators, courtesy of Yamaha, and Sea Doo provided a 20’ x 20’ tent for spectator shade.  RIVA Racing was on hand to provide for their support Team and Team Faith’s Brian O’Rourke flew in to provide an Easter service for those in attendance.

    Highlights from the racing weekend included having so many racers and friends that came out of the woodwork to carve up the waters of Lake Dora, such as for Pro Sport Racers’ Keith Dill and Kenny Carpenter of Naples, but Sam Nehme, and the Broward Motorsports Team were pretty dominant in both Sport Classes.  The Pro-Am Runabout Stock Class had a few surprises, including a Stan Hightower taking a win over Troy Snyder in a battle amongst the Yamaha’s on the first day, however, Monster Engergy/Kawasaki racer; Eric Francis would take home the Easter Eggs on Sunday in this Class!  Other honorable mentions from the weekend include… Kirk Britto, Sam Nehme Jr, and Laura Milone:   all in their respective Ski Divisions.  Freestyle standouts, Jason Stoyer and Chris Langlais were also on hand defying gravity during the Freestyle Show.

    Very special thanks to Tavares Mayor, Kirby Smith, for coming to the awards and congratulating the racers and thanking their families for coming to the area.  The next stop on the Surf and Turf Reunion Tour is scheduled for June 13-14 in Polk City, Florida at the USA Water Ski Hall of Fame and all info and results, along with tour updates can be found at surfandturfpromotions.com.  Pictures will also be up courtesy of our media partners and the whole story will be available in Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine.  Thanks to our tour sponsors:  BRP/Sea Doo, RIVA Racing, Greenhiulk.net, Yamaha, HydroTurf, Blowsion, Jet Pilot, AQM, Allira Construction, Lacey Powersports, Ben’s Performance, Key West Resorts, Al’s Landing, Lake County, Froggers, IJSBBA, and the City of Tavares.

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