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    Tanner Thomas Wins Freestyle – Jettribe “Best of The West” Tour

    Tanner Thomas Wins Freestyle – Jettribe “Best of The West” Tour

    Story & Photos: Tanner Thomas

    After a long season of putting time, work and money into the sport I love. I am proud to say that I am the 900cc AM Freestyle Champion of the “Jettribe Best of The West” Series. It’s been great to follow and support the sport while represent my sponsors on this tour. My sponsors are the people who believed in me and have given me so much time, energy, and financially support. Without them I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be here. I am also proud to say that if I wasn’t sponsored by them I would believe in them for their quality products and their wonderful approaches of running their companies. It’s a big family of mine and I hope to make a good impact for all of them at whats next. The IJSBA World Finals.

    This tour has been 8 Rounds against many different talented freestyle riders and has been a great accomplishment to get to chase all the points to put together my first championship. My equipment has continuely improved throughout the season and I am very proud to have Dasa Racing, Hiro “Ninja” and TC Freeride behind new power development. It has been a joy to be apart of. Skat-Trak has been working with me to help put our new power to the water.

    Rickter RRP has built some amazing hulls with some amazing strength for me to be able to try wild new tricks like the double backflip.

    TC Freeride has given me a base camp and a home in central California to start and finish all my adventures at, along with the parts and support I need to keep running smoothly.

    JetPilot has put me into some gear this year that made a world of difference in how comfortable I am on my ski. It has taken a long time to learn the combination of everything that works for me and it has made it much funner and more things possible when every small detail is right.

    JetLift continuly shocks people. Everytime I show up to a location people love my Tan-Rak system with JetLift totes. The first system to ever load and unload 3 skis single handedly with no lifting.

    These companies made my riding equipment possible this year with the best of the best products and support. Thank you all very much for this win.

    Just like in any part of our lives, there is much more to it than an object. I am honored to be with KMG Racing this season and Mystik Lubricants. This family of racers have welcomed me at the race events as their freestyle team mate. I love running Mystik oil, there is no doubt when its mixed with its color and there is no doubt that my VERY high performance skis are being well lubricated.

    A big thanks to Sign Pro in Ketchikan for helping me always have my equipment looking great and representing all these wonderful sponsors. The work that they do makes a big impact on my entire image.

    Everyone knows I am from Alaska and in the jet ski world a few people have seen first hand where I am from and what I am about. The support chasing my dreams I have received from my local Alaskan friends, family and businesses has been the most important to my career. These people have picked me up from tough spots time and time again. I work commercial construction for Dawson Construction and have a great career to support my other career in jetskiing. With this sport not yet paying back what it takes to do it, I have been forced to look for help. I have been able to find that at home.

    BAM Construction
    Tyler Rental
    Alaska Diesel Power
    Dawson Construction
    Hoyt Enterprises
    Sourdough Tactical

    These people have kept me afloat this season in a very overwhelming financial battle.
    We are going to have a good party in Ketchikan when I crawl home from world finals in October. You guys have let me live my dreams and accomplish something that will hold with me the rest of my life and hopefully I can instill that in and inspire other kids to focus and acheive their goals and dreams.

    Alaska Marine Lines has supported me from the beginning with shipping to Seattle Washington. This also has made a huge impact coming from Alaska to be able to get my tour rig down to the mainland.

    Last but not least I have to thank my family for supporting me throughout my travels and battles physically and mentally. There is no place like home and to have that has allowed me to reach out so far.

    2015 Sponsors
    I hope you can come to Lake Havasu to watch me shoot for the World Title October 9th. If not it will be live streamed on the internet. I have acheived my first goal of the season and am working diligently still to go for the big one. Thank you for your support

    – Tanner “Tanman” Thomas


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