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    Team PWCOFFSHORE Pit Crew awarded “Best Overall Pit Crew Award “

    The PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing #58 Gerner / Heidler Pit Crew takes top honors at the 2015 Mark Hahn 300 mile Race winning the “Best Overall Pit Crew Award.”

    By: PWCOffshore

    Photos: PWCOffshore

    The Crew is led by former US Marine Mike Arnold and includes, Kody Danel, Rod Mullinax, Lauren Theroux, Steve Rasmussen, Aaron Cress, Dave “Pirate” Tew, Dane Batista, and Matt Elias -Calles. The veteran PWCOFFSHORE Pit Crew has set the standard for the best preparation and standards of excellence to be achieved in PWC Racing Pit Crews. This does not come without significant hard work and preparation that takes place months in advance of each race where literally every movement of the crew is analyzed in pursuit of the optimal, most efficient movement that shaves seconds from their pit times. The team practices every motion multiple times during training sessions in pursuit of the safest, quickest Pit times. PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing Founder Mark Gerner said “it is such an honor for KC and me to be affiliated with this Crew, they are quite literally the best, most professional Crew in the business.” The Crew’s Lauren Theroux was voted this year’s Pit Crew MVP by her peers. For more information about PWC Racing, go to www.pwcoffshore.com

    2015 Mark Hahn Race Top 10
    1. Pastorello/Botti – Kawasaki  France

    2. Klippenstein – Yamaha Canada

    3. Chassier/Prayas – Yamaha

    4. Belikov – Yamaha

    5. Riabko/Desmer – Yamaha

    6. Girello/Granger – Yamaha

    7. Cruz/San Martin – Kawasaki

    8. Craig Warner – Kawasaki

    9. Gerner/Heidler – Kawasaki

    10. Beck/Fischetti – Yamaha

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