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    This Is Now – An Australian Freeride Short Film

    “This is Now.” the highly anticipated Freeride short film produced by Jetpilot in association with AJSP, WORX and Illuminated Water will storm onto the world stage February 5th 2014.

    The team from Jetpilot, filmmaker Allan Hardy and a handful of Australia’s best up and coming riders scour the east coast of Australia in an effort to capture the camaraderie and essence that is free riding.

    Backed with an original music score, developed by London musician Oliver Lyu, “This is Now” provides a progressive and cinematic feeling to the film, something which has never been associated with the sport of freeriding.

    Starring Brodie Copp, Luke Emanuel and Mitch Young

    Allan Hardy
    The Dreamers Creative
    Instagram @thedreamers_creative
    Music: Oliver Lyu
    Graphic Animation: Matt Roland




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