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    Update from Ross and Champion Timepieces.

    Progress! We would like to send a real heart felt thanks to everyone who has helped us get this far!

    By Ross Champion:
    Recently the Champion Freeride Team returned from a great trip to Mexico where we filmed for the teams first production “Soul Searching.”At the end of that trip we had a launch party and freeride with some of our supporters in Ensenada, Mexico at the Estero Beach Resort.

    We are one step closer to having the Fusion finalized after getting our dial rings.

    We have officially sold all of the premium serial number Fusions, but there are still plenty of standard priced models available, And Champion Timepieces T-Shirts have arrived in our online store!

    “Soul Searching” is a video series that Champion Timepieces is sponsoring in conjunction with our friends at BlowsionCold-Fusion, and Burn Industries.

    This production followed the Champion Freeride Team as we headed in to Baja in search of adventure, perfect uncrowded surf, and stayed with us as we met up with lots more friends and family at the Estero Beach Resort in Ensenada, Mexico for the Fusion launch party and freeride.  This project (like the Fusion) is meant to really capture the soul of what freeride and jet ski culture is all about.





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