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    US HydroDrag Nationals Day Two!

    The Greenhulk.net Hydrodrag Round 1 has gone down in history and what an exciting weekend it was. Sunday was a full day starting off with Speed Alley first thing. No one managed to bag the speed record but there were a few that tipped the 100 mph mark. Rayge Sanchez reached a blistering 103.3mph on his Yamaha in the Unlimited class with Chris Caputo close behind with a 102.9mph run on his SeaDoo.2014-03-02 10.09.20-2

    Story and Photos By Michelle Petro

    Ross Neimeoller, of Ross Nemo Racing, took the win in the Super Stock class clocking a top speed of 95.2 mph over Brett Nance with a speed of 93.3mph.

    Kristian Ichazo edged out Jose Gonzalez  to win the Stock class with 81.9mph over Jose’s top speed of 81.4mph.
    MidState Motors’ sponsored racer, Ron Allison, took the Spec class with a very respectable 91.3mph on board his Yamaha. Game Over racer Carlos Cruz came in close behind with a 81.7mph run.

    Tonito Lopez registered 73.1 mph on the radar gun in the Naturally Aspirated (NA) class for the win.

    The rest of the day unfolded like clockwork until April Hibdon took a nasty spill against Victor Gonzales in the Spec Class loser bracket race.   April ejected right at the finish line and seemed to be in trouble. Course Marshal Randy was there in an instant along with April’s Husband, Kerry, who was on deck to race next.

    2014-03-02 11.30.36As she was brought in, we were relieved to see that she was talking and laughing.  The entire Hydrodrag crowd, competitors and spectators alike gave April a supportive round of applause as she was transported to the local hospital. No doubt she will be sore after that dismount. April, you are one tough chick and we wish you a very quick and speedy recovery.

    2014-03-02 16.44.06-3Carlito DeValle was able to take back the crown in the unlimited class which was the highlight of the weekend.


     Congratulations to all the winners:

    Unlimited Class:
    1st Carlito DeValle – Seadoo
    2nd Stan Hightower – Yamaha
    3rd Duke Zorn – Yamaha

    SuperStock Class:
    1st Stan Hightower – Yamaha
    2nd Ernesto Calas – SeaDoo
    3rd Carlos Cruz – Yamaha

    Stock Class:
    1st Troy Snyder – Yamaha
    2nd Stan Hightower Yamaha
    3rd Scott Rice Yamaha

    Spec Class:
    1st Kerry Hibdon – Yamaha
    2nd Victor Gonzalez – Yamaha
    3rd April Hibdon – Yamaha

    NA Class:
    1st Clay Barbee – Yamaha
    2nd Tonito Lopez – Yamaha
    3rd Rob Hoffman – SeaDoo

    A full account of the event will be published in Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine. Stay tuned for updates and news of round 2!

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