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    Vote for The 2014 Pro Rider Bikini Cup!

    It’s that time again! Time to cast your vote for your favorite Bikini themed ad for our 2014 Swimsuit issue!

    bikini cup 2014 copyEleven of our advertisers came up with Bikini themed ads, and you can vote for your favorite right here! These advertisers are vying for the Bikini Cup trophy and bragging rights for 2014. Can anyone knock off defending Champs SBT? The winner will be showing off the trophy in our June/July issue of Pro Rider.

    We added thumbnails for each ad so you can click and thoroughly inspect each of them, even if you don’t have the legit in print real copy of the issue yet.

    If you haven’t subscribed to Pro Rider yet, subscribe before April 15th to have your subscription start with the swimsuit issue.

    Voting ends April 7th and you can only vote once and that’s it, so choose wisely grasshopper.
    Good luck and thank you to all our advertisers!

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