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    WORX Launches the 2014 Yamaha FZR /FZS Sponsons.


    WR556 Sponsons Release

    It is with great excitement Worx Racing Components bring to you their 2014 Yamaha FZR/FZS Sponsons.  Created in conjunction with Dean Charrier of the USA’s prestigious and multi-world champion Dean’s  Team these sponsons have been specifically designed for the unique handling characteristics of the
    2014 FZR/FZS hull.

    In testing, the biggest change Worx discovered was the increase in predictability the ski gained with these sponsons, the ski did not unhook and throw you off. It also did not sink in the back in tight  turns like it did with the stock sponsons and corner entry speed improved, allowing the rider to just

    throw it in and the rear stayed hooked up.
    These sponsons have also been race tested and proven with Mohammed “Cozmo” Al Baaz of Kuwait’s elite Prorider Team taking out Number 1, in round 4 of the Pro Stock Class racing in Dubai earlier this month using these sponsons. Worx sponsons are proudly made in Australia using the very latest in CNC router technology for the highest quality finish and perfect angles. Worx WR556 are available now from all authorised Worx dealers or for more information visit

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