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    Yamaha launches certified pre-owned program
    In what it calls an industry first, Yamaha WaterCraft Group today announced a certified pre-owned program for Yamaha WaveRunner dealers.


    The program allows the dealers to buy used WaveRunners and certify them with Yamaha so they can be resold with additional warranties, low financing rates and a manufacturer’s certificate that the units have passed a 35-point inspection.


    According to Yamaha, more than 125,000 personal watercraft sales occur annually outside of dealerships. The new certified pre-owned program, therefore, extends the reach of Yamaha WaveRunner dealers into a high-volume market.


    “Yamaha’s Certified Pre-Owned Program provides used buyers the added peace of mind that comes from a manufacturer’s stamp of approval and extended warranties as well as extra-low financing options,” said Bryan Seti, Yamaha WaterCraft national marketing manager. “For our dealers, the program ensures that every customer that walks through their door has a buying option that suits them.”

    How the program works:

    • Dealers can buy used Yamaha WaveRunners from the past six model years (currently 2008 through 2013), excluding SuperJet; the units must have fewer than 200 hours on them (rental units qualify).
    • The units will undergo a 35-point inspection to qualify them for the program.
    • Special flooring options are provided, including 30 days free and a reduced rate following that. Dealer curtailments are also extended, with the first payment not required for six months.
    • Units will be resold with a 12-month warranty (remaining existing warranties can be rolled over), and additional warranties can be purchased.
    • Dealers can offer consumers an extra-low financing rate.

    “Even as the new personal watercraft market has fluctuated over the last few years, the number of used sales has steadily grown,” said Seti. “This is a healthy market that our dealers have not had the tools to participate in until now.”


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